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Steel Workshop Kit Projects, Testimonials & News

Quonset huts are a great choice for a workshop or outbuilding because they’re more durable than wood and easier to build than framed buildings. Whether it’s for a hobby not fit for the garage, a commercial endeavor or just some extra space, Quonset hut workshops have become a more and more popular choice for residences and businesses. Our team of building specialists and engineers work directly with customers to design, plan and deliver their workshop building kits. Read about some of our favorite workshop projects and the customers behind them.

Minnesota Architects Build Award-Winning Quonset Hut

Minneapolis-based architecture firm Kara Hill Studio created an award-winning Quonset Hut using locally sourced materials.

Artist Easily Transforms a DIY Quonset Kit Into Spectacular Studio

Artist Jean C. has a word of advice for anyone who wants to build a DIY Quonset Hut: Dive In!

Custom Metal Quonset Hut Building Perfectly Displays Potter’s Treasures

To perfectly complement his beautiful artwork, artist Ken Sedberry constructed a custom metal quonset hut building to display his unique sculptures.

Mother of 3 Builds Workshop to Help Family Business

One amazing Arizona mother with 3 kids proved that with a dream, determination and a SteelMaster Building, anything is possible!

Spectacular Steel Workshop Will Spark Your Creative Side

A family business needed extra space at a low cost, so they came to SteelMaster Buildings to create their custom steel workshop.

Man Builds Dream Steel Workshop

In just a few days with only three friends to help, an Indiana man finally built his dream workshop and created the perfect space to store his prized 1950 Ford Deluxe.

Artistic Expression in a Steel Studio

When it came time to relocate California customer's studio space and workshop, he chose to build a compound of three buildings with steel.

SteelMaster Buildings Gets “Two Thumbs Up”

New York resident happily owns a SteelMaster workshop and gives two thumbs up to SteelMaster Buildings and all of it's employees.

Steel Workshop – The Best is Yet to Come

Florida resident spends most of his time in his SteelMaster workshop re-finishing hand-made furniture and says the best if yet to come.

Steel is the Real Deal for this Arizona Man

Dan F. of Arizona says steel is the real deal when it comes to working on projects. Find out his motivation behind purchasing his SteelMaster building.