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Custom Metal Quonset Hut Building Perfectly Displays Potter’s Treasures

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pottery workshop in steel s model building with custom endwall

Beautifully calming ocean blues, bright eye-catching hues, endless hypnotic swirls, and tantalizing earthy tones are all characteristics of the breathtaking artwork that Ken Sedberry brings to life every day. Each piece is its own tribute to the beauty that occurs effortlessly in nature. To perfectly complement these precious treasures, Sedberry constructed a custom metal Quonset HutTM building to display his unique works of art.

Sedberry has been an artist for over 44 years and he specializes in creating fire wood sculptures, wood fired porcelain, and stoneware. He and his family moved to Western North Carolina 37 years ago where he was able to build a studio to create more of his one-of-a-kind masterpieces. He decided some time ago to finish his work in a wood burning kiln where things can get pretty heated—2,300 degrees to be exact!

Once his pieces have literally gone through the fire, they get to bask in the warmth of the sun inside of his metal Quonset HutTM building.

When Sedberry and his family moved to North Carolina, he bought a house, built his studio, and decided he needed a building that would match the aesthetics of the two existing structures. The custom metal Quonset Hut’s curves were exactly what Sedberry wanted.

“As a potter, I’m partial to curves. There’s just a softness about them,” says Sedberry.

workshop in steel s model building with custom endwall

He purchased a custom model that is the best of both worlds; it’s a straight wall on one side and Quonset on the other.

He needed something that would be more than just an open space to display his artwork, he wanted a multi-purpose building. It now serves as a gallery, storage area, and the place where he can also store his vintage 1962 John Deere tractor he recently restored.

Sedberry hired a special team to erect the building he personally designed.

He put large windows all along the flat wall side of the building, taking full advantage of the southern exposure. He used 10-inch boards of hemlock wood on the flat side and poplar bark squares on the front endwall. This blend of natural materials is a perfect contrast to the metal curves of the arches.

On the inside of the building, Sedberry placed a large table along the flat end of the wall to adequately display his finished pieces. He also installed shelves to store other things around the custom metal Quonset Hut.

Sedberry’s custom metal Quonset Hut building is not simply a multi-purpose building that serves several purposes, it is itself an amazing work of art.