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SteelMaster Item Numbers Explained

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What are item numbers?

Item numbers are a sequence of numbers assigned to a specific building model that is on sale. There are two types of item numbers; item numbers that are specified by model, and item numbers specified by region. An example of a model number would be: Item # 42-613.

Why does SteelMaster use item numbers?

We use item numbers to streamline the process of identifying and purchasing buildings on sale. That way, if a customer sees a building on our website they are interested in purchasing, they will be able to reference that number when they are connected with a building specialist.

Item numbers are only assigned to buildings that are on sale, and not all buildings that are purchased.

Are item numbers specific to model?

Yes, you can identify which model the item number is referring to by the first two numbers. For example:

  • 52 – is an A-Model item number
  • 42- is a S-Model item number
  • 32- is a Q-Model item number
  • 22- is an X-Model item number
  • 62 – is a R-Model/container cover

Then, we have item numbers specific to our clearance center. These item numbers are specified by region. The first two letters in the item number sequence identify which region the item number refers to. For example:

  • SO – is the South
  • MW – is the Midwest
  • WE- is West
  • NE- is Northeast

Map of regions

I got an email that had buildings with item numbers – can I call the office and reference it?

Yes, we encourage our customers to call in with an item number so we can best assist you. However, if you do not know the item number of building, but you have a building size and model in mind, we will get you paired with a building specialist who will discuss your project with you and get you the best building to suit your needs.

Can I search for an item number in the search bar on Steel Master’s website?

Because our item numbers do expire and are removed from our website, it is best for you to share the item number over the phone with one of our building specialists. They will be able to look it up in our system and find the building that you are referring to even if it is expired.