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Quonset Hut Shelters RV From Harsh Alaskan Winters

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white quonset hut on concrete stem wall with brown custom endwall, white garage door and white entry door

Hundreds of customers in Alaska have trusted SteelMaster with their building needs. Our Quonset huts can be shipped to almost anywhere in the 663,268 square miles of the state to be used for different applications like tool sheds, garages, cabins and homes.

One customer in particular, Darren B., was looking for a Quonset hut to store his tractor trailer during the harsh winters in Anchorage. Due to the average yearly snowfall, the months to build are limited, which is why quick assembly of a building was an attractive feature of SteelMaster’s prefabricated buildings kits.

“I liked the simplified process of assembly and being able to get the building up in in quick fashion,” said Darren.

In addition to SteelMaster buildings being easy to assemble, they also come with state stamped blueprints ensuring that your building will meet local wind and snow load requirements. With Anchorage having an average yearly snowfall of 79 inches, this gives our customers peace of mind that their building is built to last.

4 Things That Make Quonset Huts Durable:

  • Low gauge steel: Wood, fabric, aluminum, tin and higher gauged steel are all weaker and prone to destruction.
  • Corrugated steel: Non-corrugated metal buildings are 5x weaker than corrugated.
  • Arch panels: Wind, snow, and rain all glide off of arched building designs.
  • Galvalume plus: Corrosion and rust resistance makes maintenance and protection against the elements easy.

Upon delivery, Darren hired a local contractor to erect the building. Darren decided to add some height to his building, and turned to the project gallery on our website for design inspiration. Raising the walls of his Quonset hut not only provided additional height but also mitigated the impact of heavy snowfall – a practical solution born out of necessity.

This also allowed for one of the standout features of Darren’s workshop; its colossal door – a 12 by 12-foot entrance fit for an RV. Designed for both functionality and aesthetics, allowing Darren to store his travel trailer during the harsh Alaskan winters.

Reflecting on his decision to choose SteelMaster, Darren emphasized the combination of factors that sealed the deal. From the allure of year-end inventory clearances to the promise of durability and longevity, SteelMaster offered unparalleled value.