Airstream Campsite with Quonset Hut Clubhouse Coming to Joshua Tree

Rendering by HKS and Narrative Design Studio

The outdoor hotel company AutoCamp is bringing an Airstream campsite to Southern California.

The 25-acre property is just outside of Joshua Tree National park and will include 47 custom Airstream campers, four accessible suites, and four X suites.

According to TimeOut, all units will have HVAC systems for all-season stays, while premium suites will have their own outdoor shower.

A clubhouse designed with two SteelMaster Quonset huts serves as the focal point of the site and will feature a general store, outdoor bar and mobile kitchen, a hot tub and pool, and a shaded patio and fire pit.

Bookings will open to the public in April; however, if you sign up for a membership, you can receive a room credit toward your first stay and first access to book your stay.

Rendering by HKS and Narrative Design Studio

SteelMaster’s design specialists have completed many projects in the Joshua Tree and Twentynine Palms area.

One of the most notable projects is Furstworld, an immersive art museum created by SteelMaster referral program member and artist Bobby Furst.

“He’s got buildings everywhere from general storage buildings to workshops to his crafting studio to a movie theater and stages and everything on his whole compound,” said Noah Taylor, SteelMaster’s B2C Division Director.

Noah liked the fact that Bobby loved the style of the Quonset hut and knew exactly what he wanted for the concept of his buildings.

“None of [the buildings] are complete standard. Everything’s got customization to them,” Noah said. “He already has a vision, so we just had to work with him on the parameters to make it the most cost-effective to try to meet his needs and try to get him a solution that wasn’t super expensive.”

As a member of SteelMaster’s referral program, Bobby has referred over 20 people to SteelMaster. He’s very pleased with the outcome of his projects.

“I have myself a little compound now, and I couldn’t be happier with the way things have turned out—these buildings are virtually maintenance-free and will outlive me, that’s for sure,” says Bobby. “I am all about creating things with form and function, and SteelMaster buildings definitely fit the bill.”

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