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Man Uses Metal Quonset Hut Structures in Guatemalan Business

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construction of small commercial storage building in Guatemala

When David initially contacted SteelMaster, he simply wanted to purchase a building. As he started to ask more questions and gain more knowledge about the benefits of metal Quonset structures, his ambitions extended far beyond just owning one; he wanted to incorporate them into his business.

David is no stranger to entrepreneurship. After working in the family business for many years, David wanted to branch out on his own venture and he started to invest in the construction industry.

As he continued to build his company, he became curious about Quonset huts and started to conduct his own research. These steel buildings piqued his interest enough that he picked up the phone and called SteelMaster’s Latin division. He spoke with Johnny Rueda, one of our talented international sales representatives, who provided him with even more information.

There were several things about SteelMaster’s quonsets that impressed David. He liked the fact that we are able to ship buildings directly to Guatemala instead of having to go to several different locations, our buildings are easy to construct, economical, and they come in a variety of different styles.

Traditional buildings in Guatemala are constructed with higher walls to offset the intense heat. SteelMaster’s quonset huts do not require this extra step. Our arches are protected with Galvalume Plus, which is a mixture of zinc and aluminum. This coating reflects the hot sun and prevents much of the heat from entering the building while also allowing cool air back into the structure. Galvalume also resists rust and cracking and peeling from weather.

David knows with metal quonset hut structures, he can save both time and money during the building process. Since steel arches take less effort to construct, he only needs a small team instead of an entire construction crew to put the buildings together. He can also meet his clients’ needs and deadlines much more efficiently using SteelMaster’s Quonset huts.

After learning how our buildings could benefit his business, David was sold! He became a SteelMaster distributor in Guatemala.

He purchased three buildings to show his customers the different options, and he even came down to SteelMaster’s headquarters in Virginia Beach, Virginia to meet the team.

With David’s help, SteelMaster hopes to continue to expand our products to this region of the world and beyond.