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Steel Storage Shed in Michigan

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steel shed front wall

When Bernard Muller was looking for a sturdy building to replace his rotting wood shed, he, like many savvy consumers, turned to the internet.

His search for steel buildings led him to consider four different companies, but ultimately, he chose SteelMaster thanks to their prompt response and great prices.

Bernard and his wife have lived in their home in Milan, Mich. for nearly 40 years. Bernard built a custom wooden storage shed about 30 years ago, but as time wore on, it began to require significant upkeep and maintenance. Because the shed was a wooden structure, it also attracted small critters seeking shelter from the Michigan cold. Bernard says he could not store anything of any value in his shed. It began to present a foul odor and eventually, it rotted, making Bernard’s need for a sturdier structure more urgent.

Bernard’s wife had made it very clear she did not want another wooden shed on their property, nor did she care for the flimsy materials used in some prefabricated wooden sheds.

Bernard sent each of the four companies he was considering an email with details of the size (10’ x 12’) and type of building he had in mind. In addition to SteelMaster’s prompt service and competitive prices, Bernard was impressed by the 50-year warranty, use of prefabricated steel and metal materials, opportunity for custom design and the strong, arched roof of the S-Model.

Bernard says constructing his SteelMaster was somewhat like a “barn-raising”. Because he lives in a close-knit community, his friends and neighbors were more than happy to help him out.

Bernard assembled the arches on the ground ahead of time and even devised a way to help the process along. He fashioned the end of an old screwdriver into a tool he could place through a hole in an unassembled piece of steel to secure it to the next one prior to inserting the bolts.

When his neighbors came over to assist, they were able to erect the side walls and put the arches in place in no time. Bernard says they had a lot of fun in the process and were impressed with the quality of the building.

“One of my neighbors kept commenting on how rock solid my building would be when it was finished,” Bernard says. “He could not get over the design, materials and ease of construction.”

Another friend jokingly remarked that the building would make an excellent storm shelter,

“We will all be over here in your SteelMaster the next time there is a tornado warning!”

Although SteelMaster does not guarantee that its buildings will withstand tornadoes, truth be told, many have survived such storms.SteelMaster buildings are, however, guaranteed to withstand hurricane force winds of 80 mph. They are fire-proof, termite-proof — and virtually critter-proof. SteelMaster customers need not worry about the external maintenance of their buildings, either. SteelMaster’s use of Galvalume Plus rust-proof exterior protective coating keeps our buildings looking like new for years.

SteelMaster hopes the Mullers will enjoy their SteelMaster shed for years to come. Even Mrs. Muller has given the building her nod of approval!

–Tammy Kistler
Tammy is a free-lance writer and lives in Hampton Roads, VA.