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Wooden Shed Pales in Comparison to New Shed

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shed steel tx new blogIf you have an old shed on your property, you just might want to sell it before you build a SteelMaster next to it.

“My old wooden shed pales in comparison to my new steel and metal SteelMaster,” says Joseph Yehle of Dallas, Texas. “Potential buyers are disappointed with the wood one I’m trying to sell when they see my SteelMaster, making it more difficult to sell. I can see it in their faces.”

This became the nudge Joseph needed to sign up to become a SteelMaster Partner in Steel. Now, he gets credit for referrals he sends to SteelMaster when his new 12’ x 10’ S-Model storage shed outshines his old wooden one.

Joseph credits SteelMaster’s building strength, value and customer service as the reasons he chose a SteelMaster for his new storage shed.

“Having sat on the roof of my shed while tightening bolts, I can attest to the strength of a SteelMaster,” he says. “Your brand had the best reviews for ease of construction and strength. There is no way I would ever sit on the roof of sheds sold at any of those ‘big box’ stores.”

Joseph adds, “My wife loves to garden. Having the SteelMaster keeps our garage free of gardening tools and clutter. Plus, I’ll have room for parts come autumn, when I start collecting them to restore my classic old, rusty truck.”

From clearing the ground and pouring the concrete foundation to assembling the arches and tightening the bolts, construction of Joseph’s storage shed took him and two friends only a handful of Saturdays.

His neighborhood is known for its multifarious architecture, but he did his homework nonetheless and had no issues at all with zoning or his homeowner’s association. The SteelMaster signature Quonset HutTM roof peaking over Joseph’s fence still draws its share of attention and positive comments. For solely aesthetic reasons, he even reduced the height of his shed by six inches tall so it would not rise too far above his fence. His SteelMaster also features a 6’ x 6’ roll-up front door.

An unexpected bonus for Joseph is the comfortable temperature inside his SteelMaster.
While he initially had concerns about not purchasing a turbine vent, he has been pleasantly surprised with how cool his building stays.

Joseph claims the temperature inside his building remains “pretty moderate” despite the 100° temperatures Dallas has been experiencing lately.

SteelMaster’s no-maintenance, custom-engineered designs offer more than their low prices would suggest. When built as designed, these impermeable structures are airtight, fireproof, leak proof, rust proof, and even pest and critter proof. Each SteelMaster product is coated with Gavalume Plus, the best anti-corrosion material on the market. The reflective metal exterior helps keep temperatures cool inside the building during the summer, when it matters most.

Once the Yehles sell that wooden shed of theirs, you will not find them outside, performing any routine maintenance on their SteelMaster. However, you will probably find them inside it, comfy and enjoying their hobbies!

– written by Tammy Kistler
(Tammy is a freelance writer, residing in Hampton Roads)