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Customized Roofing System Tops Off Artists’ Workshop

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A steel roofing system on top of a custom wood garage with a sliding door in front and an entry door on the side

SteelMaster buildings have broad appeal. From farmers in the Midwest to private label wineries to ping pong players — yes, ping pong players — folks around the country are choosing SteelMaster thanks to our buildings’ mix of quality, durability and versatility. The possible uses for a SteelMaster building are only limited by the imagination. Just ask Ed Krause of Wisconsin.

Ed is a photographer, an artisan woodworker and a summertime ping pong player. Whether he’s taking photographs or building furniture, Ed’s ingenuity and attention to detail make his work stand out. The same holds true for his custom-designed SteelMaster building.

When Ed wanted to add a multi-purpose building on his property, he took to the internet in search of a building he could make his own.

“SteelMaster’s website was well-designed, easy to navigate and very informative,” Ed says.

Ed needed a building that could endure the weather, provide secure storage and give him an atmosphere where he could continue to create — and play ping pong in the summer!

Ed ultimately chose a custom building with a Quonset HutTM-style roof. He credits a SteelMaster engineer with helping him realize his vision for his building.

“He talked me into going with a heavier gauge steel, sent drawings to me before the steel arrived and took time to answer additional questions and concerns about my design ideas,” Ed says.

SteelMaster engineered and fabricated the roof arches and top wall plate, which attach to the 9’ wood walls Ed constructed. He opted for wooden exterior walls to give his SteelMaster a warmer tone and to ensure it blended harmoniously with his wooded property. Ed also installed lots of windows to allow for as much natural light as possible. In addition, Ed built in 32” building overhangs for hay and firewood storage.

Even with all of his personalized design elements, Ed receives the same benefits as someone who purchased an entire SteelMaster building kit. His steel and metal Quonset Hut-style roof is still covered under SteelMaster’s 50-year warranty. His building also features from SteelMaster’s Galvalume Plus coating, which inhibits rust and makes his roof maintenance-free.

–Tammy Kistler
Tammy is a freelance writer and lives in Hampton Roads.