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The Stories Behind the 2024 SteelMaster Buildings Calendar

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Each year, we create a calendar that displays projects with a wide variety of applications. In this post, we’ll give you more information about photos featured in the 2024 edition of the SteelMaster Buildings calendar.

Many of the photos featured this year were submitted through our 2023 Photo Contest. We plan on holding another contest in 2024, so start getting your cameras out and snapping your best photos and videos — your building could be featured in our 2025 calendar!  Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for updates.

 Cover — Custom Building | Fort Worth, Texas


We wanted our 2024 calendar cover to capture a project that was not only stunning, but innovative. And PS1200 certainly is.

PS1200 isn’t just a park; it’s a dynamic urban hub situated at 1200 6th Ave in Fort Worth, TX. Picture this: 8 apartments offering stunning views of the surroundings, seamlessly integrated with the park’s greenery. Tucked within are 6 offices, 2 distinct retail spaces and a restaurant that serves as the heart of this vibrant space.

This innovative design is exactly why it landed the cover of our 2024 calendar.

January — Custom Building | Fort Worth, Texas

This design incorporates 8 SteelMaster buildings into its layout. The combination of steel and modern features is not only stunning but practical. Prince Concepts, who has worked with SteelMaster in the past on a project called Caterpillar, designed this layout.

February — Cabins | Wilcox, Arizona   

2 Quonset Casitas side by side

These cozy cabins located on Rhumb Line Vineyards property provide a perfect retreat for guests to unwind after a day of wine tasting or exploring Chiricahua National Monument. Quonset huts are a familiar presence in Arizona, and Todd found them to be a fitting addition to his property.

When questioned about the choice of Quonset huts for his Airbnb units, the owner explained, “We were drawn to the simplicity of the design and the ease with which we could set them up ourselves.” 

March — Container Cover | Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Resolve Marine Services is a global leader in vessel salvage, emergency response, compliance and specialized marine services. They came to SteelMaster to maximize storage space for their equipment utilizing our container cover solutions.

A container cover is a prefab roofing system attached to one or multiple shipping containers to create storage space that shelters property and people.

Originally invented by SteelMaster as a solution for storing bulk items in a cost-efficient manner, container covers combine shipping containers with prefabricated steel roofing to create storage structures that can be used for a variety of purposes.

April — Manufacturing | Elgin, Arizona

Los Milics is a small, but expanding vineyard, winery and tasting room nestled in the fertile hills of southern Arizona, one of the fastest-growing wine regions in the country. 

They came to SteelMaster looking for a building to use for manufacturing.

Our prefabricated manufacturing and processing buildings are most economical at 80′ wide or less, with no limits on length. Because there are no length restrictions, our buildings are perfect for long production lines and future expansion opportunities.

May — Roofing Systems | Bryce Canyon, Utah

Under Canvas Bryce Canyon–located just 15 minutes from Bryce Canyon National Park—offers upscale accommodations, 700 acres of high-alpine juniper forest, and easy access to the area’s famed crimson-colored hoodoos.

SteelMaster’s roofing systems are a perfect match to complete the glamping experience as the steel blends with the unique look of the property.

June — House | Bryan, Texas 

S-Model house with recessed white end wall and large windows, several side windows, and large L-shaped pool in front

This residence stands as a testament to bespoke craftsmanship, a collaborative venture with Scott Buckman, the building specialist on the project, guiding the journey at every turn. Those captivating side openings that frame the tranquil pool oasis in the backyard are a masterstroke brought to life through the ingenuity of SteelMaster.

Reflecting on this endeavor, the building representative, Scott shares, “What truly fascinated me in this undertaking was the wealth of knowledge gained from both an engineering and design standpoint. The intricate dance between architect and factory, the constant refinement to maximize the expansiveness of the side openings, the seamless integration of a chimney vent in the roof, and the creation of a sophisticated Galvalume Plus corrugated liner system for the building’s ceiling—all of these elements coalesced into a profound learning journey.”

July — Garage | Altonah, Utah

A-Model Quonset hut with custom red end wall, white garage door, man door, a green hose on the bottom right of the building, and mountains in the background.

One of the most enticing features about our buildings is the ability to create your own custom end walls. This customer, Shane C. chose a bright red front end wall and large white garage door, which contrasts with the clear blue sky, making it the perfect photo to represent July!

Our building specialists can accommodate any size project, whether it is a large A-Model like Shane’s, or a more modest garage to store lawn equipment.

August — Roofing System | Joshua Tree, California

Quonset hut pavilion with lightning in the backgound

Who doesn’t love a good rain storm? This moment was captured during an impending storm at AutoCamp, a luxury camping site in the heart of Joshua Tree.

Every detail of the AutoCamp experience combines the best of mid-century design with modern amenities: custom-designed Airstreams, gourmet food, guided experiences, and four-star service, all curated for you to reconnect with your surroundings.

They came to SteelMaster to for a roofing system to achieve their desired aesthetic and we delivered.

September— Art Studio | Scottsdale, Arizona


S-Model Quonset hut in the daytime with steel end walls, a tree to the left, three yellow chairs, and a yellow man door with a black symbol on it.

Although she had often admired the Quonset huts from afar, stepping inside one remained an unfulfilled curiosity for Robin K. Her quest led her to explore various online Quonset hut communities on Facebook, where she connected with like-minded local hut owners. Building relationships in these online groups paved the way for personal visits to several Quonset hut owners in the area. Witnessing firsthand the diverse applications of these unique structures left her in awe.

“The versatility is incredible; these buildings transcend their industrial and agricultural origins. They can serve as homes or, in my case, a captivating art studio.”

Through both online interactions and face-to-face discussions, the consensus pointed her towards SteelMaster as the ideal solution for her Quonset hut needs.

October — Workshop | Ashfield, Massachusetts 

This picture speaks for itself. To celebrate fall, we chose the picture that represents Fall foliage at its finest.

SteelMaster customer Gary L. purchased this S-Model for his property in Massachusetts to use as a workshop year round!

November — Storage | Seward, Alaska

Cold weather, high winds, heavy snow, and frozen ground are all things that residents in Alaska have to consider before building a Quonset Hut. Because of this, the opportunity for delivering and assembling buildings is much shorter compared to other states.

For SteelMaster customer Jason W., a SteelMaster building is exactly what he needed. Being in a remote area, he needed a durable building that could withstand extreme weather. He went with a S-Model 12-11×18.

December — Garage | Del Norte, Colorado 


X-Model Quonset hut with sun glare and tree background.

When we think of December, we think snow. Who else doesn’t want a white Christmas? That is why we chose this picture for December. Located in Del Norte, Colorado, this XX-Model can handle a heavy snow loads.

We sell buildings in the coldest of climates, even in the far northern reaches of Alaska, across the world because corrugated steel arches are simply stronger than traditional buildings. Plus they stand strong against the biggest and most intense hail storms with HVHZ impact ratings.

All our buildings are pre-engineered to meet local snow/wind loads to ensure our customers have peace of mind.