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Looking to get started on your steel building project but don’t know where to begin? Get inspired by SteelMaster customers from around the world and be up to date on the latest and greatest projects in the steel building industry. From backyard shed kits to container cover buildings–SteelMaster has you covered!

Customer Chooses Quonset Hut After Wildfire Destroys Home

After a devastating wildfire destroyed her home, SteelMaster customer Melissa B. chose a Quonset hut home because of their durability.

Customer’s Dream Home Design Comes to Life In Arizona

SteelMaster customer Mike K. drew a blueprint of his dream building and was able to bring the vision to life with the help of a building specialist!

Quonset Hut Makes for an Unforgettable Wedding and Event Venue

After falling in love with a beautiful 4 acre property, Rodney and his wife decided to build a Quonset hut event venue.

Man Builds Container Cover Structure for Additional Storage

When asked what his favorite part of his structure is, Jeremy replied, “The durability. As far as longevity that thing will be there forever. Those containers are built to be out at sea in salt water and storms. Your roof is made to last. Concrete is there forever. The whole structure should be good to go.”

Couple’s Quonset “Dream Home” Goes Viral on TikTok

SteelMaster customers Luke and Kelly Rompel built their Quonset dream home. They documented their building process, and several of their videos went viral!

6 Reasons to Choose SteelMaster Batten Insulation

Have you ever wondered what the best way to insulate a metal building is? Then this article is for you.

Ever Wanted to Stay in a Quonset? Now You Can!

Take a look at the Quonsets our customers have renovated into beautiful and unique Airbnb properties!

Why Heavy Snow Loads are No Match for Contemporary Quonset Shed

"The connectivity between SteelMaster, myself, and the engineers were great. I love the building. It’s practical for what I needed.”

3 Ways to Transform Your Quonset Using Medieval Interior Design

“There is nothing like it. It’s a very unique structure. I’m really proud of it.”

Quonset Hut: The Preferred Greenhouse Choice for a Mushroom Farm

“I did a little research. It came up on Google and had good reviews."