Sloss Furnaces: Century-Old Birmingham Landmark Of Horror

The historic Sloss Furnaces is an 18-acre urban oasis that has become quite the tourist attraction. Every year, the rusted collection of blast stoves and smoke stacks welcomes visitors from all over the world who wish to explore this magical maze of pipes that was once a booming business in the heart of Birmingham, Alabama.

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antique cars inside steel Retro Ghost Town

Travel Back in Time Inside the Retro Ghost Town Quonset Hut™

You won’t need Doc’s solid steel, plutonium powered DeLorean to travel through decades of history in one southern Virginia town. All it takes is one tiny step into Theodore Natale’s Retro Ghost Town Quonset Hut™, and you’ll feel as though you’ve been teleported back to the 1950s.

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construction of small commercial storage building in Guatemala

Man Uses Metal Quonset Hut Structures in Guatemalan Business

When David initially contacted SteelMaster, he simply wanted to purchase a building. As he started to ask more questions and gain more knowledge about the benefits of the metal quonset structures, his ambitions extended far beyond just owning one; he wanted to incorporate them into his business.

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