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Looking to get started on your steel building project but don’t know where to begin? Get inspired by SteelMaster customers from around the world and be up to date on the latest and greatest projects in the steel building industry. From backyard shed kits to container cover buildings–SteelMaster has you covered!

SteelMaster Building Additions – Yes, it can be done!

SteelMaster building additions can be done! If you decide you need more space later, a SteelMaster addition may be the right cost-saving idea for you.

SteelMaster Collaborates with Design Horizons

SteelMaster Collaborates with Design Horizons to achieve huge design and implementation success.

Thousands of Meters of SteelMaster Structures

Ovidiu Popa, a master builder, has successfully bought and installed thousands of meters of SteelMaster structures across Romania.

Get Winter Ready with Steel Salt Storage Buildings

State transportation officials were busy preparing for the winter season with the expected heavy snowfalls and freezing temperatures.

Wooden Shed Pales in Comparison to New Shed

Wooden shed pales in comparison to new shed of SteelMaster's Partners in Steel customer in TX, crediting the building's strength & value for an easy choice.

Ft. Lauderdale Utilities Department Storage Building

Ft. Lauderdale Utilities Department storage building was a repurposed building from Florida Fire Department, reducing waste and saving money.

Custom Steel RV Carport

What goes up doesn’t always come down for this custom steel RV carport in New Mexico.

Toiletally (Totally) Unique SteelMaster Man Cave

Unique man cave in Florida is toiletally (totally) noticeable.

Aircraft Hangar Soars in Minnesota Elements

Aviation Enthusiast Soars in Minnesota elements with SteelMaster aircraft hangar.

Recycling Steel and LEED Credits

LEED rating systems assess the architectural design and performance features of a commercial building for “green and sustainable” attributes.