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Texas Bar Uses “Steel and Sail” Concept with Container Cover

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Ice House custom steel roof with stage and bar in Texas

Two simple shipping containers and a SteelMaster container cover helped to create one of the most unique bars in the country, America’s Icehouse.

The bar opened back in the summer of 2014 and has since then been one of the hottest party spots in Texas City.

Not only does America’s Icehouse offer cold adult beverages on a warm, Texas night, it also has a fish pond, fire pit, gardens, food trucks, huge outdoor movie screens, an outdoor stage, a three-hole golf course, free Wi-Fi, pool tables, Karaoke and contests.

The owner, Scott Arnold, called SteelMaster Buildings about another project and he learned about our container covers. One of our sales professionals, David Bell, sent him a photo and he was sold on the idea. Arnold purchased a 61 x 37 x 13 container cover.

He now uses his SteelMaster container roof as a cover for the bar’s stage which has welcomed several music artists over the years.

The bar’s unique concept is called “Steel and Sail.”

Just like any SteelMaster project, anyone with minimal construction skills can put it together.

The bar’s design can be easily duplicated using one or more steel freight containers, a system of steel masts, sails and canopies which helps to create the light, airy, open pavilion.

Arnold designed the bar to be both efficient and economical. This building is fireproof, indestructible and durable!

The ability to reuse both the storage containers and the SteelMaster shipping container roofing makes this bar environmentally friendly also!
It’s so efficient even one bartender can run the whole thing during normal business flow.

So the next time you’re in Texas City, stop by and enjoy the amazing acoustics under the steel arches of America’s Icehouse.
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