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Custom Building Engineering — SteelMaster Quonset Projects & News

Every building we sell is custom because we work hand-in-hand with our customers to design a structure to meet their needs within their budget, size and load requirements. However, some buildings are more customized than others.

The unique arch-style prefab design of the Quonset hut allows us to meet or beat many building engineering challenges. Our in-house team of experienced building specialists can help you design the custom building solution you need. Whether it’s a size need (Quonsets are expandable), interior design requirements (Quonsets have 100% usable space) or unique purpose (Quonsets are versitile), there’s probably a custom building that we can help you build. These are some of our favorite custom building projects. Learn more about the custom building planning, design and construction of Quonset huts.

Steel Arches Add Unique Look to Mixed-Use Development in Texas

M-K-T Heights transformed the previous 200,000 square feet of industrial buildings with creative and quirky designs. Part of the transformation includes SteelMaster Quonset hut awnings that welcome visitors into the building.

Texas Hotel Uses Quonset Hut as Event Space

In addition to a restaurant, café and other amenities, The Carpenter Hotel in Austin, Texas has a hidden gem near their outdoor pool: an event space known as the “Q-Hut.”

Backyard Office Sheds: The Ultimate Work-From-Home Setup

The switch to working from home is not always an easy adjustment. Many workers are moving their in-home offices into their backyards by building an “office shed.”

Inside Detroit’s Newest Quonset Housing Project, ‘Caterpillar’

Prince Concepts has revealed a glimpse of a unit inside 'Caterpillar,' a Quonset hut housing project in Detroit.

Airstream Campsite with Quonset Hut Clubhouse Coming to Joshua Tree

The 25-acre property is just outside of Joshua Tree National park and will include 47 custom Airstream campers, four accessible suites, and four X suites.

Quonset Hut Hangar With Plenty of Space for Aircraft Storage

SteelMaster customer Bill L. created the aviation facility of his dreams by building a Quonset hut aircraft hangar.

Outer Banks Fitness Facility Transformed into a Quonset Hut Gym

Customer John K. purchased a Quonset hut to cover materials for his tree business but later enclosed the structure and turned it into a free weight gym and athletic facility.

Detroit Quonset Hut Housing Project ‘Caterpillar’ Now Leasing for 2021

Real estate development company Price Concepts is now accepting resident applications for the eight-unit dwelling known as ‘Caterpillar.’

Quonset Hut Pavilion Provides Shade From Texas Sun

A SteelMaster customer built a Quonset hut pavilion to protect her from the sun's heat at her property in central Texas.

Award-Winning Chef Rodney Scott Makes BBQ in Quonset Hut Pit House

Critically acclaimed chef Rodney Scott purchased a Quonset hut after his pit house burned down in November 2013.