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Backyard Office Sheds: The Ultimate Work-From-Home Setup

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When the COVID-19 pandemic began, many employees were sent to work remotely for several months.

Although the United States has started to see the COVID restrictions lessen in 2021, many companies are allowing their employees to continue to work from home.

Data from Global Workplace Analytics reveals 25-30% of the U.S. workforce is expected to continue to work from home multiple days a week by the end of 2021. This is a major increase from the 3.6% of employees that worked at home half-time or more in 2016.

The switch to working from home is not always an easy adjustment, especially for those with roommates and children.

Many workers have moved their home offices into their backyard by building an “office shed.”

The Wall Street Journal reports that the searches for sheds doubled on between June 2020 and September 2020 compared to the same period in 2019.

When it comes to creating a backyard office, SteelMaster’s Quonset hut sheds have many benefits.

Size Matters

Obviously, the size of your backyard is a major factor in the size of your office.

SteelMaster’s smallest building is a 10’W X 10’H X 10’L, which is perfect if you’re a little short on yard space.

If you have more land or would just like something slightly bigger to fit more items, no need to worry—we can design our structures based on your spatial requirements.

Open Floor Plan

In addition to having the ability to work in peace, interior design is an exciting aspect of building a backyard office shed.

The arches of a metal Quonset hut are self-supporting, which means there’s no need for beams and trusses inside of the structure. This gives you an open floor plan with 100 percent usable space to design an efficient, functional, and stylish work area.

Match Your Home’s Aesthetic

Your steel building doesn’t have to stick out in your backyard like a sore thumb! In fact, many SteelMaster customers build custom endwalls to match their homes or other existing structures on their property. You can make your endwalls out of pretty much any material and decorate them any way you’d like to give them your personal flair.

Creating your own custom endwalls can be cost-effective. Many customers have saved money by buying endwall materials locally. Purchasing undamaged windows and doors that were returned to stores can also be a way to save money.