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Custom Building Engineering — SteelMaster Quonset Projects & News

Every building we sell is custom because we work hand-in-hand with our customers to design a structure to meet their needs within their budget, size and load requirements. However, some buildings are more customized than others.

The unique arch-style prefab design of the Quonset hut allows us to meet or beat many building engineering challenges. Our in-house team of experienced building specialists can help you design the custom building solution you need. Whether it’s a size need (Quonsets are expandable), interior design requirements (Quonsets have 100% usable space) or unique purpose (Quonsets are versitile), there’s probably a custom building that we can help you build. These are some of our favorite custom building projects. Learn more about the custom building planning, design and construction of Quonset huts.

Virginia Quarry Garden Uses Quonset Roof for Picnic Pavilion

When the Quarry Gardens at Schuyler needed to add a picnic pavilion on their property, they chose a SteelMaster metal roofing system to keep their visitors protected and in the shade.

Steel Huts’ Sustainable, Affordable Quonset Huts

Steel Hut Concepts is a company that specializes in designing custom residential and agricultural Quonset huts using SteelMaster buildings.

The Story Behind Detroit’s Quonset Hut Community ‘True North’

Real estate developer Philip Kafka revealed how his idea to create the Quonset hut village "True North" came to fruition on the Daily Detroit podcast.

SteelMaster Structures: The Best Rapid Response Shelter Solution

Need a building fast? Our team of experienced building specialists is ready to assist you in finding a structure that fits your needs with a quick turnaround.

Hawaiian Quonset Huts Powered by Solar Energy

Customer Geno A. attached solar panels to his two Quonset huts in Hawaii to power the buildings, saving him money and helping the environment.

Construction Underway at ‘Caterpillar’ Quonset Housing Project

Major progress is underway at Prince Concepts’ new Quonset hut housing project, ‘The Caterpillar.’ The company released photos of the building being constructed, along with an update on the project.

Detroit Developer Begins Second Quonset Hut Housing Project

Prince Concepts, the real estate development company behind the award-winning Quonset hut village ‘True North,’ has started its second Quonset hut housing project called 'The Caterpillar'.

Quonset Hut Pole Vaulting Facility Helps Alaskan Athletes Jump Year-Round

David B., a second generation pole vaulter, decided to take his family's hobby to the next level by building a Quonset hut pole vaulting facility.

Build Your Own She Shed: 7 Ideas for DIY Creative Spaces

A "she shed" is a woman's alternative to the traditional man cave--it's a place for ladies to relax and retreat from the everyday stresses of life.

National D-Day Memorial Foundation Builds Third Quonset Hut

The National D-Day Memorial Foundation broke ground on their third Quonset hut exhibit, called the “Fleda Hut,” in honor of benefactor Fleda Ring, who passed away.