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Architectural Design Projects That Utilize Quonset Huts

From Roman arches to the modern day Quonset hut, the arch has been a mainstay throughout architecture history. SteelMaster works with architects to take advantage of the natural engineering advantages of the arch design and combine it with modern day steel production and manufacturing. Here are some of our favorite applications of Quonset hut arches engineered into beautifully designed buildings.

Detroit Quonset Hut Village is an Architecture Award Finalist

True North Detroit, a village made from nine SteelMaster Quonset Huts, is one of six finalists that will compete for the 2018 Mies Crown Hall Americas Prize (MCHAP).

Experience the Beauty of Quonset Hut Living at this Detroit Airbnb

If you've ever wondered what it's like to stay in a Quonset Hut, you can get the experience--if only for a few nights--at a Detroit Airbnb.

Cuban Artist’s Quonset Hut Transformation Stuns MOMA Visitors

Artist Tania Bruguera transformed a SteelMaster Quonset Hut to represent a Cuban military bunker in her piece Untitled (Havana, 2000).

The Remarkable Yoga Hut That Rethinks Office Space

Two experienced yoga instructors or “guides” who are not only helping people to become more aware of their bodies; they are also making entrepreneurs rethink their business space.

Award-Winning Architect Wants To Build You A Quonset Hut Home

Have you been dreaming about building your own steel Quonset Hut™ home, but you’re confused about where to start? Award-winning architect and Quonset Hut™ aficionado Earl Parson is offering a helping hand to anyone who has flirted with the idea.

Architect Creates Spectacular Multi-Million Dollar Quonset Home in East Hampton

Bob Stansel and Tammy Marek worked with world-renowned architect Maziar Behrooz to create their multi-million dollar Quonset Hut home in East Hampton New York.

Noah Purifoy Builds Metal Quonset Hut Assemblage Art

Among artist Noah Purifoy's powerful works of art is a metal Quonset Hut assemblage.

Travel Back in Time Inside the Retro Ghost Town Quonset Hut™

You won’t need Doc’s solid steel, plutonium powered DeLorean to travel through decades of history in one southern Virginia town. All it takes is one tiny step into Theodore Natale’s Retro Ghost Town Quonset Hut™, and you’ll feel as though you’ve been teleported back to the 1950s.

Arkansas Boat Captain Builds Ultimate Steel Quonset Bachelor Pad

After a hard day’s work towing massive cargo barges in and out of New Orleans, Arkansas Boat Captain Billy Smith gets the chance to put his feet up and relax in his custom steel quonset bachelor pad.

Architects, NY Developer Create Steel Quonset Hut Village

Two world-class architects teamed up with a New York City developer to create what could be the future of housing projects—a village of steel quonset huts.