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Architectural Design Projects That Utilize Quonset Huts

From Roman arches to the modern day Quonset hut, the arch has been a mainstay throughout architecture history. SteelMaster works with architects to take advantage of the natural engineering advantages of the arch design and combine it with modern day steel production and manufacturing. Here are some of our favorite applications of Quonset hut arches engineered into beautifully designed buildings.

Detroit Quonset Hut Housing Project ‘Caterpillar’ Now Leasing for 2021

Real estate development company Price Concepts is now accepting resident applications for the eight-unit dwelling known as ‘Caterpillar.’

Steel Huts’ Sustainable, Affordable Quonset Huts

Steel Hut Concepts is a company that specializes in designing custom residential and agricultural Quonset huts using SteelMaster buildings.

The Story Behind Detroit’s Quonset Hut Community ‘True North’

Real estate developer Philip Kafka revealed how his idea to create the Quonset hut village "True North" came to fruition on the Daily Detroit podcast.

Construction Underway at ‘Caterpillar’ Quonset Housing Project

Major progress is underway at Prince Concepts’ new Quonset hut housing project, ‘The Caterpillar.’ The company released photos of the building being constructed, along with an update on the project.

Detroit Developer Begins Second Quonset Hut Housing Project

Prince Concepts, the real estate development company behind the award-winning Quonset hut village ‘True North,’ has started its second Quonset hut housing project called 'The Caterpillar'.

New Steel Buildings Help Keep Business ‘Hoppin’ at Carpenter Ranches

Carpenter Ranches replaced their older facilities designed for drying hops with SteelMaster buildings to produce higher quality products for the growing craft brewing industry.

Texas Couple Loves Their SteelMaster Quonset Hut Home & Barn

A Texas couple chose their SteelMaster Quonset Hut home due to the quality of the steel and stylish appearance of the metal arches.

Minnesota Architects Build Award-Winning Quonset Hut

Minneapolis-based architecture firm Kara Hill Studio created an award-winning Quonset Hut using locally sourced materials.

Get Inspired by the Unconventional Design of a Quonset Hut Home

This stunning SteelMaster Quonset Hut home that recently sold in Tennessee will give you design inspiration for your next big project.

Oklahoma City Ballet Building Showcases Versatility of Quonset Hut

With stunning natural light and plenty of open space, the Oklahoma City Ballet building seems like it was made for showcasing the dancers' talents--but the city's professional ballet company didn't always inhabit the space.