SteelMaster Buildings on MSNBC Your Business

Emma Granada, International Business Development Manager at SteelMaster Buildings, explains how SteelMaster got involved with exporting internationally.


We certainly have spent a lot of time asking how can government do things better to help small businesses. We also note that it does have a number of programs out there to help entrepreneurs. Officials in the nation’s capital tried to get the word out about these programs during the recent National Small Business Week. The president talks about an economy built to last, and we know that small businesses are going to be a big part of job creation in the future. Small business owners from around the country descended on Washington, DC for National Small Business Week to attend events and ceremonies held by the US Small Business Administration. Exporting was also a hot topic since the increasing demand for US exports creates huge opportunities to grow business internationally. “If growth is occurring around the world at around two thirds of overall global growth growing outside the United States, it’s really imperative for small businesses to realize that there’s a lot of opportunity outside the United States for those sales.” “We decided that we wanted to do this international business within the company. We chose three markets and then we concentrated on those three markets and in a matter of two years, we’re giving resources, we did a lot of market research something, it’s basically began from there.” The week was busy and the SBA hopes that small business owners come away from it knowing where to go when they need help. We believe that every small business should have an adviser or a counselor and that will help them grow their business. So if you go on and you put in your zip code, you can find those resources that are nearby and most of them are free.