Father Builds Steel Quonset Hut Garage for Son Who Died From Cancer

One Oregon father has found a way to honor the memory of his beloved stepson who battled brain and spine cancer for three years. He is in the process of building a quonset hut garage for his son.


A memorial for Travis. Travis was a happy, energetic 8-year-old who had the brightest, biggest smile. He loved to explore and enjoyed playing soccer with friends. He saw beauty in the smallest things. His world changed in the blink of an eye. He was diagnosed with cancer at age 8. Half of his skull had to be removed. He had to take heavy medications. He was always in the hospital but he found a way to smile through it. After a 3-year battle, Travis passed away on Mother’s Day. His family is honoring his memory. They’re building a steel garage memorial. It will be a place to remember Travis and create the same beauty he enjoyed.