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Quonset Barns – News & Projects

Quonset hut barns are the clear choice for many agricultural applications. Self-supporting arches mean you can avoid internal support like walls or poles and free up interior space for farm equipment, animals, or storage. Learn about the many advantages of a Quonset barn and why it is a better solution than a pole barn.

Farmer Uses Container Cover to Transform Old Silo

Jim Countryman didn’t waste any time calling SteelMaster when he needed a container cover to protect his farm equipment.

Chilean Nut Factory Solves Storage Woes With Q-Huts

Huertos Del Valle, a Chilean nut factory, purchased SteelMaster Q-huts to protect their harvested products from contamination.

Steel Storage Building and Stable

Rick D. needed a steel storage building and stable to replace the wooden building that caught fire and caused massive amounts of damage.

Steel Animal Shelter Protects Dairy Goats

Dairy farmer in Alabama needed a new building to shelter their dairy goats from the weather as well as look practical to the surroundings.

SteelMaster Building Additions – Yes, it can be done!

SteelMaster building additions can be done! If you decide you need more space later, a SteelMaster addition may be the right cost-saving idea for you.

Everything is OK at the Steel Corral

The Cardone’s purchased a SteelMaster storage shed kit to be used as a run-in shelter for their animals, including a horse, mule and some goats.

Urbavore’s Dilemma: Extreme Chicken Coop Makeover, SteelMaster Edition

Chicken Coop Makeover! One of the main stumbling blocks for incorporating chicken coops into urban living is that they usually don't match the backyard décor.