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Steel Storage Building and Stable

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steel stable custom front

Like many SteelMaster customers, Rick Day used to own a pole barn. He had used it for storage and as a stable, but the wooden building caught fire and caused massive amounts of damage.

Rick knew a steel and metal building would be the only way to go this time.

We recently caught up with Rick, the owner of a construction company, while he was on a jobsite. He gladly offered his comments on his decision to buy two SteelMaster Buildings. Both are S-models, one 30’ x 70’ and the other 50’ x 70’.

“I discovered SteelMaster on the internet,” Rick says. “It did not take me long to place a call. I liked the guy I was talking with and he knew his product inside and out. He answered all my questions.”

Rick was able to prepare the cement floorings with only a little help. His crew first assembled the 30’ x 70’ building first, then tackled the 50’ x 70’ building.

Despite the size of the larger building, the crew was able to construct it in only five days. Rick says he plans to use it for storage and that he will have no problem filling it up.

The smaller building, which was erected in a single weekend, will be used as a shelter and stable for Rick’s horses. Thanks to the clear-span design of SteelMaster buildings, Rick and his team had no problem constructing a hay loft within the stable. There was even room to spare! Rick took care of the majority of the interior finishes himself and customized his own end walls.

Since Rick is a contractor and specializes in building homes and room additions, we asked him for his opinion on the ease of constructing a SteelMaster.

“For us, it was a breeze — pretty straight forward actually,” he says. “Anyone with a little common sense, regardless of their amount of construction knowledge, should be able to assemble a SteelMaster. It would actually take someone less time to build a SteelMaster than it would to build a pole barn.”

Rob discovered a few short cuts along the way, too.

“Everyone discovers short cuts here and there,” he says. “But obviously, the SteelMaster process works just fine. Plus, you never know the actual experience level and types of machinery available to each of your buyers.”

SteelMaster Buildings serve a variety of customer needs. Whether it is a residential, commercial, or industrial application, SteelMaster has something for everyone. If your needs seem a bit more intricate than our standard models, our engineers and design team can take your description and will work with you to tailor a design to your needs.

–Tammy Kistler
Tammy is a free-lance writer and lives in Hampton Roads, Va.