Better Pricing And Value Than A Pole Barn: Metal Quonset Hut Barn Kits

SteelMaster’s DIY Quonset Hut barns are a popular choice for anyone who is looking for a pole barn solution to storage needs. Both agricultural industry professionals and residential property owners love our barns because of their strength, long term cost savings, and their affordability.

We’ve been an industry leader for over 35 years. SteelMaster offers several different models that can be used for storing bulk items, processing products, or storing livestock.

There are several factors to consider when purchasing a metal barn including the grade of steel, the width, height and length of the building. Typically, steel building costs range from $10 – $13 per square foot. Storage buildings for hay storage and animal run ins are cheaper than traditional style buildings because they open ended. That saves on the overall cost of the building because they do not require the endwalls.

When purchasing a building, an important factor to take into consideration is long term versus short term costs. Excluding labor, the building costs of cheap pole barns can be as low as $4 per square foot. But even though traditional pole barn kit prices can be cheaper initially, you may end up paying more money in the long run due to the cost of maintenance. For example, a traditional pole barn’s poles may shift over time since they are buried in the ground.

Unlike steel, wooden poles are also vulnerable to rot, pests, moisture damage. The wood could also catch on fire, as opposed to a steel building’s fire-resistant arches.  Pole barns are not engineered to meet structural requirements because they’re usually not thought of as permanent structures in some locations due to the lack of foundation. This will cause you to run into some problems with building codes.

SteelMaster’s metal Quonset Hut barn kits are the perfect choice when making a long term investment. Not only are our metal barn kits more durable than cheap pole barn kits, but they also save you energy costs over time. Another advantage of purchasing a steel barn kit is portability and versatility. If you need to move, there’s no need to purchase another building–you can disassemble your existing building and reassemble it at another location. You can also add on to your building without disrupting operations on the inside.

SteelMaster not only offers affordable pricing for quality buildings every day, we also have clearance models available that is sure to fit any shopper’s budget. Customer Howard Arnold is pleased with the durability and affordability of his Quonset-style barn.

Howard says purchasing his SteelMaster barn offsets the high prices of hay he uses to feed his animals and says he believes his Quonset barn will last for decades. So far, he has not had to do any maintenance to the building since tightening the last bolt.

“Zero maintenance to the barn up to this point and hopefully from forevermore,” Howard said.

When considering maximum benefits on a budget, SteelMaster is your best option for metal Quonset Hut barns.


pole barn steel building with custom front endwall
pole barn steel building with steel front endwall
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