How Much Does it Cost to Build a Quonset Garage?

The short answer: It depends.

Building a Quonset Hut can be much more cost effective and easier than building a straight wall building.

Every customer has a specific set of needs depending on location, building use, size and model that are all important factors when it comes to pricing.

SteelMaster Buildings is committed to providing the best quality buildings at the most competitive prices.

The complete value of a Quonset Hut can speak for itself. SteelMaster is confident that when you take a closer look at all of the advantages of a metal Quonset Hut over more traditional structures, it will be easy

Our mission is not to simply make a sale; it’s to create invaluable, lasting relationships with satisfied customers all over the world.

One of those customers survived one of the worst storms in history — Hurricane Maria. Jose Malave is a longtime SteelMaster customer and business owner who lives in Aibonito, Puerto Rico.

Malave says his neighbors suffered terrible losses; property was destroyed and families were devastated.

While many on the island suffered massive losses, he credits his SteelMaster building for saving his life and over $70,000 in potential damages.

“Hurricane Maria destroyed my island of Puerto Rico. We took refuge from the storm and after the storm in my building which resisted the punishment of Maria,” says Malave. “We did not make any preparation for the building; we only entered all of our belongings and closed the door.”

– Jose Malave, Puerto Rico

When calculating the cost of your ideal quonset hut, it’s important to consider several important factors:

Price factor: Building Use

One of the first things we ask our customers before calculating a quote is about the building’s use. Do you need a place to protect vehicles from the environment or do you plan to work on the cars inside of the garage? Will garage storage be the only purpose or will it be a multi-purpose building?

Whether it’s a steel garage, shed, carport, workshop, aircraft hangar, bulk storage facility, or a quonset home, each kind of building will have different requirements and can vary quite a bit in pricing.

Price Factor: Size

After we determine how you will use the building, the next question is about the size.

Once you decide how large or small you need your building, we will then calculate the price of the structure based on the width and length.

After you have chosen your building’s design, the width of the building cannot be changed, but the length can be altered. If you decide to expand the building in the future, you can simply add more arches.

Price Factor: Location

The price of your building can vary depending on your location.

To help curb costs, SteelMaster routinely offers free shipping to select areas.

Permitting can also be a factor when calculating a price. Depending on building use, areas have specific codes that must be followed in order to acquire approval before you can even start to build.

Price Factor: Construction Crew/Contractors

For most Quonset Hut projects, you won’t need expensive construction crews or contractors to erect our steel arches.

Over 75% of all arch building owners construct their own buildings. You are in the driver’s seat of your own project, and all it takes is just a little effort and a few friends to build one of SteelMaster’s easy-to-assemble steel arches.

Price Factor: Building Components

How does your perfect quonset look? Of course, this answer varies from person to person, and depending on design, the price of your building can vary depending on your personal design and added accessories.

Do you want a window on each endwall? Do you need to add skylights to spice up your building? Do you need to add turbine vents on the roof to help air circulate throughout the structure? Maybe you have large equipment to store and you need to add special roll up doors, insulation, entry doors, or sliding doors. The possibilities are endless when it comes to customizing a building to fit your unique needs.

The additional parts can alter the price of the overall project, but SteelMaster works to make sure the Quonset Hut is within your budget.

Price Factor: Maintenance and Building Time

When constructing any building, another major factor to consider is the time it takes to build and maintain the structure. A traditional building usually requires numerous man-hours to complete. That’s one of the reasons why they can be more expensive than Quonset Hut garages.

SteelMaster understands that time is precious and costs money. This is why we’ve made it super easy to construct our arches so that you can spend more time actually enjoying the building.

With just a little effort and a few extra hands, you can put together the arches of any building within a few days.

When you’re ready to calculate the price of your dream garage, contact one of our talented building specialists for a custom quote.


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