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Prefabricated, Ready-to-Assemble Steel Garages

If you have experience assembling an erector set or building a tiny structure with Legos, you can easily build your own, ready-to-assemble prefabricated garage.
There’s a reason why SteelMaster has been the premier provider of prefabricated steel garages over the last 35 years: Our garages were designed with the do-it-yourself individual in mind. Not only do we use top-quality steel to create our panels, we also make the building process easier by providing our customers with everything they will need for their building projects.

That ease of construction was certainly helpful for a Michigan man who had just suffered a major loss when his garage was destroyed by massive flames.
The fire destroyed 100 years of history and over $100,000 of hard work for this hardworking mechanic. When he decided to rebuild, he wanted to do so using a building that was both easy to build and durable.
Jeff Sullivan called SteelMaster when he wanted a prefabricated steel garage to replace the structure that was completely destroyed during the fire. Our experienced building specialists were ready to help him design a new building that was fire resistant.
He considered a pole barn initially, but we offered him the clear span design which allowed him to use 100% of the space inside of his building. This turned out to be the best value for his budget.
Once Sullivan received his building, he started working on it right away. He and his small crew of helpers were able to erect the arches of the building within just 72 hours.

After the arches were installed, he added two, 10-foot doors on the back of the building and a commercial roll up door on the front-end.
Sullivan will now have peace of mind knowing his new building is ready to handle anything.
Every SteelMaster structure is built using at least 22-gauge steel depending on location and building use. We also provide the necessary hex, serrated self-locking nuts and pre-recessed polyethylene sealing washers that help to secure the panels together to form a full building.
To help customers create the perfect building, SteelMaster provides engineered, state-stamped blueprints that are certified in all 50 states. These are necessary for building permits that require buildings to meet wind, snow and seismic loads.
Another great benefit of a SteelMaster is the Galvalume Plus coating with Energy Star Rating. Every steel panel is treated with this clear, organic resin that is bright and attractive in appearance. But the benefits go well beyond the aesthetics of this special coating. It also helps to keep the building cool in the summer and warmer in the winter, greatly reducing energy costs over time.
SteelMaster is still with you even years after the building is constructed. Every building is backed by a 40-year, steel mill and manufactured backed warranty.
Prefabricated garages are a great option for all of your storage needs. They offer secure and economical protection and can be put together in half the time.
Not only are they easy to construct, they are easy on your pocket. Our prices will save you up to 50% off the cost of conventional construction. We offer homeowners an easy solution without breaking the bank. You’ll also save money in the long run because our garages are energy efficient, they require little maintenance, and they will even save money with most insurance companies.
The possibilities are endless for your building project when you choose a SteelMaster prefabricated garage.


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