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Easy-To-Build Quonset Hut™ Storage Building Kits

If you’re looking for a simple storage solution that’s easy to put together and easy on the pocket, SteelMaster’s Steel Quonset Huts ™ are the right choice for you.

Our Quonset Hut storage buildings can be easily assembled and erected by just a few people in a matter of days.

What makes them so easy to put together? Our Quonset Huts only require the use of one size nut and bolt, and they are pre-punched and pre-drilled at our factory. This helps to cut down on the time of construction and makes them so easy even a beginner can put them together.

“I called my friends and told them I had a giant erector set to play with, they all came running to help me with my storage building kit construction!”

When our building kit arrives, you’ll see them neatly stacked on wooden pallets, much like a stack of Pringles chips. This allows for quick and easy offloading. We’ll also be sure to provide the necessary nuts and bolts you’ll need to get started right away.

If you choose to purchase our optional endwalls or additional accessories, you’ll also receive those items once the arch panels are shipped straight to your door from our factory.

We recommend putting the arches together on the ground first. Then they can be easily lifted up one by one and then secured to each other and to the foundation of your choosing.

A Quonset Hut Storage Building is manufactured with the do-it-yourselfer in mind. If you need a building kit that is simple, saves time and money, and offers 100% usable space for any storage need, a metal Quonset Hut ™ is the way to go.


interior of steel mancave building with custom doors
metal garage buildings with steel endwalls with concrete slab
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