Design Your Own Building And Meet Or Beat Hawaii Building Codes With SteelMaster

Obtaining a building permit can be a complicated process for Hawaiians looking to build a Quonset hut. Fortunately, SteelMaster’s highly-skilled building specialists are familiar with the state’s unique permitting and construction requirements.

The volume of land use regulation and building codes has increased, which causes additional time to process building permits at Hawaii’s Division of Planning and Permitting.

However, our buildings specialists know what documents plans examiners require to obtain a permit for a building and can provide you with some of those documents.

This will help the permitting process go a little smoother and save you time and money.

Engineered Blueprints

We also have the potential to save you thousands of dollars in architectural and engineering fees with our in house engineering.

Your structure will come with SteelMaster State Stamped Engineered Blueprints that meet all Hawaii building codes and loads requirements. All designs and calculations are stamped by our licensed, professional engineer with clearly diagramed drawings of your building.

No Welding Required

In addition to complex building codes, Hawaii is second to Alaska in cost for welding. On top of the high costs of welding, there’s the additional cost of getting the work inspected afterward.

SteelMaster’s metal Quonset huts do not require any cutting or welding to assemble. All of the steel panels included are already prefabricated at our factor before it gets delivered to your door. Not only does this make the construction process easier, but you also won’t have to pay expensive welding costs.

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