Get To Know Aaron Varnum

Aaron has been with SteelMaster for 4 ½ years and is currently an integral member of the senior elite team in the residential department. Aaron has won the Manager’s Choice Award in 2019 and has been awarded Employee of the Month on several occasions.

He has a background in construction, specifically HVAC and electrical. He is also well-versed with interior framing and concrete, which makes him a valuable asset to the team.

He was born and raised in Wyoming, and it is his specialty state! 

Aaron is extremely knowledgeable on all things Wyoming, but also has experience with applications in all 50 states.

Aaron is an expert on all applications, from garages to homes and everything in between. He has experience working with storage buildings, aircraft hangars, container covers, roof systems and more!


Aaron said, “[The customer] has a problem and a need; I have a possible solution.”

Gary H. – Denver, Colorado

X-Model, 30’W X 13’H X 50’L

Aaron reached out to Gary after researching different “grow room” related keywords by state, and ultimately found Gary’s business, Fresh from the Farm Fungi.

After Aaron’s initial call, Gary found SteelMaster online and saw some of the custom grow rooms our customers have constructed and was very optimistic it would be great for his business. Aaron worked with Gary to find the perfect building for his needs.

They went with a X-Model, 30’W X 13’H X 50’L building.

Gary says his favorite feature of his Quonset hut is that it is low maintenance.

He said, “The low maintenance aspect is nice. Being a small crew, we don’t want to spend time taking care of the building, especially long term.”

Aaron added, “Our buildings are great for mushroom farms in particular because they are easy to temperature control. They are great for farms in general because of our turn around time, they are easy to assemble, and they are maintenance free.”

Now, Gary’s mushroom farm is fully operational, and he grows multiple types of mushrooms and provides them to farmers markets and culinary chefs in Colorado.

collage of Q model quonset hut

Kim R.- Parksville, NY

Q-Model, 25’W X 13’H X 30’L

When SteelMaster customer Kim R. called in looking for a structure for a home and garage in upstate New York, Aaron was presented with some unique challenges.

With New York being a heavy snow load state, he needed to make sure he could order the correct gauge within Kim’s budget.

Additionally, the garage being so close to the home presented a challenge.  Snow from the roof of the home would inevitably fall onto the garage, so Aaron had to ensure the garage was strong enough to not collapse in the event of a big snowstorm.

Kim elected to use corrugated steel for her end walls because of the many benefits they provide.

“They are maintence free. If you go with siding, you’ll have to replace it in a couple of years, with steel, you don’t have to,” Aaron said.

Kim is currently in the process of framing out the interior of the home.

“I look forward to seeing more photos of the house once it’s complete!”


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S model quonset hut with endwall

Lee M. – Logan, Iowa

S-Model, 12’W, X 10’H X 12’L

Lee M was Aaron’s very first customer.

He called in searching for, “The most badass chicken coop you’ve ever seen.” And he didn’t disappoint.

Aaron assisted Lee with finding the best building for his needs that were within his budget.

Lee installed the building himself. And he went with custom end walls and even painted the steel camouflage green.

Now, his chickens are protected from the elements and secure all year round.

different angels of S model quonset hut

Lorna M. – Rawlins, Wyoming

Q-Model, 30’W X 15’H X 42’L

Lorna’s building is the perfect addition to the Wyoming landscape.

Her building was the cover photo of our 2021 Photo and Video Contest.

She utilizes her structure for hay storage and a horse run-in. And can pull in her tractor for storage as well.

Lorna had a contractor pour the concrete foundation, while she and her family assembled the arches.

Because Wyoming is Aaron’s specialty state, he has contacts in the area that can help with identifying snow loads in tricky areas, such as Rawlins.

Quonset hut with white roll up door in endwall and other endwall with windows and blue doors

Pete N. – Yuma, Arizona

S-Model, 30’W X 15’H X 36’ L

Living in Arizona, SteelMaster customer Pete is accustomed to the heat. That’s why when he was looking for a workshop garage, energy efficient climate control was an important factor to consider.

Thankfully, all our buildings are coated with Galvalume plus coating, which has a reflective property.

“The coating makes the building Energy Star rated. It’ll be about 15 – 20% cooler inside the building than outside during the summer months,” Aaron explains.

Pete went with a custom end wall to match the aesthetic of his home.

Now, Pete has a fully functional garage for storage and a workshop that is climate controlled all year round!

S model quonset hut with roll up door

Roberto R. – Houston, Texas

S-Model, 20’W X 18’H X 40’L

Roberto R. called in looking for a perfect structure for his man cave.

And turns out, it was Aaron’s first custom project!

Roberto wanted his building to have a custom sliding garage door along with plenty of natural light, perfect for his routine card games with friends.

Aaron recalled, “This project helped me career wise with learning what I need to do with custom side openings and custom heights.”

The only challenge with this project was achieving everything on Roberto’s wish-list within his budget.

“We had to increase spacing between the side openings so we could use a lower gauge of steel. His initial design had very few arches hitting the ground, and that’s where all of the structural integrity is,” Aaron explained.

S model quonset hut with no endwalls

Gary B. – Juliette, Georgia

S-Model, 40’W X 19’H X 62’L

During Aaron’s first year at SteelMaster, he received a call from Gary. Gary was looking for a building to utilize as a wood-working shop and sawmill. Gary had a tight budget, and his only requirement was that the building remain open ended so it could be fully functional and feasible to get the lumber in and out.

Aaron was able to go to bat for Gary and get him a great deal on an open-ended building.

Gary had a background in construction and was able to erect the building himself in a short amount of time.

S model quonset hut with fishing docks attached

James M. – Sea Level, North Carolina

S-Model, 30’W X 17’H X 50’L

James M. called in just a few days after losing his shellfish hatchery in a devastating fire. He wanted to purchase a steel building to ensure that would not happen in the future, and he needed it quickly.

Aaron was able to assist James in a timely manner with purchasing his new building.

Upon delivery, James was able to assemble the building quickly and was back up and running for business.

However, there are some unique challenges when building on a dock.

“The main challenge is making sure the building will fit, and that the customer has a way to connect to the dock. In addition to that, the building is sitting above saltwater. We have to use a higher-grade bolt system, and the customer needs to do upkeep on the building sooner than they normally would,” Aaron said.

Aaron was able to put the customer at ease throughout the entire process from start to finish, and James is extremely happy with the result.