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Jon Hunter

Director, B2B

Years at SteelMaster: 17 Years

Specialty: Custom applications, Government (GSA) & Military

If you’re looking for a customized commercial building solution, Jon Hunter is the person to call.

In fact, Jon says his favorite part of working at SteelMaster is the design aspect.

“The commercial customer who wants to talk about the custom design and make something unique is what makes this job rewarding for me.”

Notable Projects

Carpenter-Warrior Ranches – Yakima Valley, Washington

Carpenter-Warrior Ranches – Yakima Valley, Washington

Carpenter Ranches is a hops farm that uses two large SteelMaster buildings as processing facilities.

As the craft brewing industry started to grow and the demand for higher quality products increased, the Carpenter family decided to replace their older hop drying facilities with brand new SteelMaster Quonset Huts.

Rick Rhinehold with Carpenter Ranches enjoyed working with Jon and was impressed by his work. Jon even visited the hops facility and would love to return during harvest season to see the building while it’s in use.

“There was quite a bit of design work that had to occur, and that was all supplied by SteelMaster at no extra cost. They were just great to work with. Jon Hunter was phenomenal.”
Rick Rinehold, Washington


NAS Whidbey Island – Oak Harbor, Washington

NAS Whidbey Island – Oak Harbor, Washington

NAS Whidbey Island purchased 12 SteelMaster hangars to protect their F-18 aircraft from weather conditions.

“Dealing with a military base is always a challenging thing,” Jon said. “Luckily we dealt with a great contractor who really knew what he was doing.”

One of the tougher aspects of the project was dealing with the asphalt and concrete on the runway due to the way water would pool and drain.

However, the contractor was able to come up with a solution and the hangars now keep the F-18s safe and in top flying condition.


Royal Caribbean – Berry Island

Royal Caribbean – Berry Island

This building is used for storage on one of the popular cruise line Royal Caribbean’s islands.

The high wind load requirements on the island presented a bit of a challenge during the project’s design. However, SteelMaster’s arch system is High-Velocity Hurricane Zone certified and can be designed to withstand winds over 200 miles per hour.


Fermilab – Batavia, Illinois

Fermilab – Batavia, Illinois

Fermilab, an American particle physics and accelerator laboratory, purchased an 80’ X 200’ building. Designing a building this size is rare for SteelMaster.

“The biggest challenge was making an S-Model with 80-foot width,” Jon said. “It was just a lot of custom work.”

Additionally, the lab had to keep specific details of their building use private.

“When dealing with a customer who can’t really tell me what is going on at the site, you just really stick to the numbers and make sure you can get them the exact dimensions,” Jon said.



Kiewit – Mabelvale, Arkansas

Kiewit – Mabelvale, Arkansas

Kiewit Corp. came to SteelMaster in 2016 when they needed a workshop at their Mabelvale site.

The construction and engineering organization purchased a 42’ x 60’ SteelMaster container roof system to cover the space between two shipping containers.

Kiewit enclosed the structure with steel endwalls and installed 20’ x 20’ section doors to the front and back walls to complete the structure.

Premium Inspection – Homer, Alaska

Premium Inspection – Homer, Alaska

This container cover structure is the largest of its kind in Alaska and is used as a pipe manufacturing plant.

Although shipping and delivery to Alaska can sometimes be complicated, Jon said it’s typically pretty easy to ship a larger structure to the state.


Hartford-Springfield Auction – East Granby, Connecticut

Hartford-Springfield Auction – East Granby, Connecticut

The Hartford-Springfield Auction used two SteelMaster buildings for their showroom and office.

The customer wanted a unique structure that would stand out, even adding his own extra flare to the buildings.

“The fun thing on this job is the colored tube steel on the front of the building, which the customer added himself directly to our arches,” Jon said.

US Navy – Little Creek – Norfolk, Virginia

US Navy – Little Creek – Norfolk, Virginia

During his time at SteelMaster, Jon has completed many projects for the government and military.

This project was particularly special because he was able to go on site while the buildings were being assembled.

These buildings vary from the typical silver color to match the color pallet required on base.

Harrison Power Station – Haywood, West Virginia

Harrison Power Station – Haywood, West Virginia

This project stands out to Jon because it was one of his first when he joined the commercial team back in 2006.

From a design standpoint, the job was pretty straightforward.

“Not a lot of design work, just some challenges dealing with a huge company and ensuring we can complete the job and their vision,” Jon said.

q-model quonset hut hangar with military aircraft inside

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