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Andrea “Drea” Nance

National Sales Manager

Years at SteelMaster: 7 years

Specialty: Custom projects and all general applications, high snow/wind load regions and state of Alaska 

If you have questions about Quonset huts, National Sales Manager Andrea “Drea” Nance has the answers.  Andrea has worked with customers across the country, something she says is one of her favorite parts of her job.

During her time at SteelMaster, Andrea has won the Residential Managers’ Choice Award and has been named Salesperson of the Month multiple times.

“The job and expectations are the same for me every day, but the people we talk to are different every day.  It’s interesting. You can be working on several projects at a time and they’re all in different locations.”


Notable Projects

Military Garage in Sun Tan Valley, Arizona

Military Garage in Sun Tan Valley, Arizona

Christopher needed a 20-foot door for his collection of military vehicles and memorabilia. Despite being in their sixties, Christopher and his wife actively participated in building the structure.

“With places like Arizona, you have to think of the seasonality of when they want to build. For them, they’re not going to want to build in 110-plus-degree weather,” Andrea explained.


RV storage in Crestview, Florida

RV storage in Crestview, Florida

Living in Florida, customer Garret G. needed a building that would meet the state’s strict building codes that protect residents from powerful hurricanes and severe weather.

“The wind was definitely a concern for him, and it’s a pretty big building because he bought it for RV storage,” Andrea said. “He wanted to build the front endwalls and I think he did an awesome job.”


Steel Garage in Canon City, Colorado

Steel Garage in Canon City, Colorado


Frank C., a well-informed SteelMaster customer, chose a building with a high snow load, leading to an increased gauge and a large arch to meet his needs. Andrea appreciated customers like Frank who knew exactly what they wanted for their projects.

Storage building in Spring Hill, Florida

Storage building in Spring Hill, Florida

Lawrence found his perfect steel building at SteelMaster in 2017, combining two structures into one to create a storm shelter for added security. He was impressed with the building’s quality and that it met Florida’s strict codes for hurricane resistance.

Ag Storage in Seabeck, Washington

Ag Storage in Seabeck, Washington

Larry D. owned 25 acres and wanted a quick-to-assemble, low-maintenance building. Andrea educated him about the benefits of a Quonset hut and ensured it met his needs. Larry purchased a Quonset hut with steel endwalls and a sliding door.

Inside view of Quonset hut in Oklahoma

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