Steel Building Kit Projects All Over Northern California

With almost 2,500 structures sold in California, our team of building specialists has a lot of experience in the state. Throughout the Golden State, SteelMaster structures operate as sheds, garages, warehouses, barns, workshops and more.
Read about the projects below to learn more about SteelMaster and how our customers have utilized our Quonset huts for their building needs.

S model quonset hut with multi colored endwall

Storage Shed in Fresno

  • Model type: S-Model
  • Size: 10’W X 10’H X 18’L

Many steel building owners create custom endwalls to match their home or other existing structures on their property. The owner of this NorCal shed built colorful wooden endwalls.

S model quonset hut shed with wooden endwall and green trim

Shed in Willow Creek

  • Model type: S-Model
  • Size 12’W X 11’H X 10’L

The owner of this prefab shed in Northern California customized their building by painting the arches green, adding intricate carved wooden endwalls and red double doors. It’s the perfect design for a she-shed!

S model quonset hut home with steel endwall and windows

Home in Lakeport

  • Model Type: S-Model
  • Size 30’W X 17’H X 50’L

While most prefab homes have completely custom endwalls, this Northern California owner chose a classic steel endwall to enclose their structure. Instead of a garage door, they filled the space with a man door and several windows for a one-of-a-kind look.

Steel master roof

Metal Roof in Oakland

  • Model type: Carport
  • Size: 22’W X 14’H X 36’L

This Oakland steel roof is used to cover Park Day School’s Innovation Workshop. The Innovation Workshop is an indoor/outdoor space where students can work on STEM-related projects.

S model airplane hangar

Aircraft Hangar in St. Helena

  • Model Type: S-Model
  • Size: 50’W X 18’H X 50’L

When you want adequate protection for your aircraft, a steel hangar is the best option. This hangar is enclosed with a steel rear endwall and front sliding doors.

Q model quonset hut being put together for top gun

Aircraft Hangar in South Lake Tahoe

  • Model Type – XQ-Model
  • Size: 60’W X 30’H X 100’L

This incredibly large aircraft hangar was used on a movie set. One of the reasons the company chose a prefab steel building is because they could quickly assemble it on set before filming and take it down soon after.

A model quonset hut - autoshop

Autoshop in Fair Oaks

  • Model type: S-Model
  • Size: 25’W X 15’H X 24’L

This NorCal metal building has sliding front doors, which are typically seen on aircraft hangars. The customer added some flair to the building by decorating the doors with traffic signs!

Quonset hut turned home

Cabin in Witter Springs

  • Model Type: S-Model
  • Size: 10’W X 11’H X 20’L & 25’W X 18’H X 16’L

Quonset huts are renowned for their amazing strength and versatility. These two steel buildings, used as a house and studio, are built on farmland in Northern California.

Carport outside of business

Carport in Redwood City

  • Model Type – Carport
  • Size: 20’W X 9’H X 26’L

This Northern California metal carport is used as an awning for the exit of a Subaru dealership building.

Container cover - covering shipping containers

Container Cover in Los Altos

  • Model type: R-Model
  • Size: 56’W X 10’H X 44’L

The advantage of using a roof between two unused containers is that it transforms wasted space into something useful. The Midpeninsula Regional Openspace District uses this container cover for equipment storage.

A model workshop wiht orange endwall and wooden sliding doors

Workshop in Gilroy

  • Model Type – S-Model
  • Size: 25’W X 13’H X 40’L

The owner of this SteelMaster workshop opted for custom endwalls with siding and sliding wooden barn doors.

S model with steel endwall and white roll up door

Shed in Bangor

  • Model Type – S-Model
  • Size: 10’W X 10’H X 10’L

This 10′ X 10′ X 10′ shed is the smallest building SteelMaster offers. It’s perfect for backyard and smaller storage needs.

Quonset hut assembly on concrete foundation

Storage in Glen Ellen

  • Model type: S-Model
  • Size: 20’W X 14’H X 30’L

This photo shows a building mid-construction. One of the greatest advantages of purchasing a prefabricated steel building kit is that it’s simple to assemble. If you can turn a wrench, chances are you can build a Quonset hut.

Q model quonset hut with green vinyl endwall and red roll up door

Storage in Roseville

  • Model Type: Q-Model
  • Size: 35’W X 18’H X 26’L

This customer painted the arches of his prefab Quonset hut to give it an older, vintage look while having the modern structural technology.

A model quonset hut wiht steel endwall and white roll up door

Storage in Fresno

  • Model Type – A-Model
  • Size: 17’W X 12’H X 20’L

This Fresno metal building is used for hydroponics, a type of Horticulture which is a method of growing plants, usually crops, without soil.

Q model quonset hut stairs out of end wall into other building

Warehouse in Paradise

  • Model type: Q-Model
  • Size: 50’W X 18’H X 100’L

This warehouse is used by ECC Constructors LLC., a NorCal general contractor that offers services such as residential construction, home addition, and patio construction. 

S model with steel endwall

Workshop in Fremont

  • Model Type – S-Model
  • Size: 30’W X 15’H X 20’L

SteelMaster’s workshops are the shop buildings of choice for all types of hobby enthusiasts and budding entrepreneurs.  Our workshops are the perfect place to organize, store and protect your valuable tools and machinery!

A model with wooden endwall

Film Studio in Coulterville

  • Model Type – A-Model
  • Size: 25’W X 15’H X 40’L

This building was purchased by the founder of The American Mining Rights Association, a nonprofit organization that helps miners all over the nation preserve their rights to keep public lands open and available to everyone. This building is used as a storage facility for equipment and tradeshow marketing materials and has a small studio for recording educational videos for the organization.

Some parts of Northern California experience heavy snow during the winter, but SteelMaster’s prefabricated arches are the perfect solution for areas that experience heavy snowstorms. Our snow-rated buildings are some of the strongest in the industry.
Over a third of the country’s vegetables and two-thirds of the country’s fruits are grown in California. Northern California’s wetter climate and rich soils create the perfect conditions for growing crops.
Our steel agricultural buildings are some of the strongest structures in the industry. Every SteelMaster Quonset Hut is constructed with high quality, commercial-grade steel that is corrugated at our factory to further enhance the strength of the building. We offer a wide range of customizable metal prefab barns and storage buildings that come in different models and sizes. Not only do we offer prefabricated kits, but we can also customize a structure to fit your needs and budget.
One of the biggest benefits of owning a Quonset hut storage building is the 100 percent usable space. Every SteelMaster building is self-supporting, which means they do not require the use of beams and trusses to stand. Our agricultural building kits have been used to store large tractors and other equipment, hay storage, sand storage, grain storage and much more.
Barn builders in Northern California should have no trouble assembling a SteelMaster building. An average steel farm building can be put together with a small crew in just a few days. Our buildings only require the use of one size nut and bolt.