Equipment Storage Buildings: Strong, Durable Storage You Can Trust From SteelMaster

When you make an investment in the proper equipment for your business, you need an equipment storage building that is strong enough to protect it.

SteelMaster Buildings offers a variety of heavy equipment storage options that will adequately protect your biggest investments.

Our metal storage buildings start at 20’ and go up to 40’ in width. The lengths are unlimited for our structures. You can add as many arches as you need for a complete equipment storage solution. We have several models including the A-Model, S-Model, X-Model and the classic Q- Model Building that all offer plenty of space to store any size equipment.

The A-Model has a 4:12 pitched roof line and high sidewall clearance. This option comes in sizes from 16’ to 32’ wide and is great for installing shelves to help organize the interior of your building.

The S-Model is one of the more popular models for equipment storage. The width spans from 10’ to 100’. The X-Model is great for areas that experience heavy snow storms. This model was created for customers who wanted the 4:12 pitched roof style without risking a roof collapse.

The classic Q-Model building is the strongest of all of the models. It’s great for agricultural storage and custom buildings.

One of the greatest benefits of owning a SteelMaster equipment storage building is the clear span design. Our buildings are self-supporting and do not require the use of beams and trusses. This leaves the owner of the building the option to use 100% of the space on the inside of the building which makes it much easier to store larger equipment.

Every SteelMaster equipment storage building is made with the best, commercial grade steel in the industry. The quality steel combined with the strength of the self-supporting arch design makes our buildings tough enough to endure the wrath of Mother Nature. SteelMaster’s metal storage buildings have survived powerful tornadoes, dangerous hurricanes, brutal blizzards and earthquakes.

Storing equipment can be an expensive venture, but with a SteelMaster building, that does not have to be the case. Our DIY buildings are cost-effective and will also save you money over the years. These buildings are easy to maintain because our arches are built to last.

You can also save time during the building process. Our buildings are prefabricated, which makes it much easier to assemble them quickly with the help of just a small crew. So if you have a tight deadline to meet, SteelMaster’s buildings are your best bet. Every steel panel is pre punched and pre drilled at our factory before it arrives on your doorstep.

If you need to or plan to relocate, you can actually disassemble the building and move it to the next job site or other location on the premises. We offer a special, alternate foundation that will allow you to bolt the arches down to the plate and simply move it when you decide to go to another location.

When your business expands, your building can as well. SteelMaster’s equipment storage buildings can easily expand with the addition of extra steel panels on the existing structure. If you need versatility, our buildings are the perfect, money-saving options.

The perfect equipment storage warehouse must protect your investments from the elements, but it must also guard them from theft. To make sure your equipment stays out of the hands of thieves, you can choose any one of SteelMaster’s secure door options to include with your building purchase.

There are so many reasons to choose a SteelMaster building to protect your investments. Our buildings are strong, aesthetically pleasing, easy to assemble, eco-friendly, and they are cost- effective. A SteelMaster equipment storage building is the perfect solution for your needs.


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