SoCal Sheds, Warehouses, Houses and More With The Experts At SteelMaster

Whether you are a Californian in search of a backyard shed or garage, barn, warehouse, heavy equipment storage building or home, SteelMaster offers a wide variety of models and sizes and can design a building to meet your specific needs.

Southern California Steel Buildings

Artist Bobby Furst said he was drawn to Quonset Huts because of their industrial look and shape. Furst, a contractor by trade, assembled a prefab home in Joshua Tree with a bathroom and kitchen, along with separate workshop building.

When the second building was two thirds of the way constructed, he threw a party and set the live band up in the space to perform. “The acoustics were phenomenal, so now that building is used as a performance arts space as well,” says Furst. “It was an added benefit I didn’t see coming.”

Another artist, Noah Purifoy, used Quonset Huts in an assemblage in Joshua Tree. Three sculptural metal arches lead to the entrance of a steel Quonset hut filled with some of Purifoy’s flat metal masterpieces.

Purifoy created endwalls that are covered with corrugated steel sheets to resemble original Quonset Huts that he constructed in the 1940s. He collaborated with a local artist who designed a series of bells to hang on the arches. Purifoy commissioned Kit Brooks, another local artist, to help him create the highly detailed rust metal doors that open to a Quonset hut.

Commercial customers also trust SteelMaster to meet their bottom line. Before it went out of business, Santa Barbara-based company Cube Depot experimented with the idea of using intermodal containers as the structural base of storage buildings. However, they were unsure of how to create a roofing system for the building. A team of SteelMaster design specialists developed a unique container roofing system, sacrificing neither design nor cost efficiency. The project also held up to design expectations and created a very rugged structure that was pleasing to the eye.

 Eco-friendly Buildings

With clean car regulations, eco-friendly housing legislation and green farming initiatives, California puts an emphasis on eco-friendliness. In fact, several California cities made WalletHub’s annual list of America’s greenest cities, including San Diego, Irvine and San Bernardino

It’s clear that being environmentally friendly is important to Californians.  SteelMaster buildings are the perfect choice for people looking to build sustainable structures.

Despite the 110 degree desert heat, Bobby Furst’s building remained cool to the touch on the outside and comfortably warm on the inside without the benefit of air conditioning or even a fan. This is due to the special Galvalume Plus coating on our metal panels, which helps protect the steel and makes it more energy efficient.

The organic steel coating does not require painting or maintenance and repels light, keeping inside temperatures 10 to 15 degrees Fahrenheit cooler than the outside air. This is what gives our buildings an Energy Star rating.

Plus, there are many parts and accessories to maximize the sustainability of our environmentally friendly steel buildings. Installing renewable energy sources such as solar power, wind power or hydro power can significantly reduce the environmental impact of the building and maximizing your eco-friendly building potential.

Entertainment Industry

Southern California, most notably Los Angeles, is noted as the capital of the film industry in the United States. The Hollywood neighborhood is home to sever historical studios like Paramount, Warner Bros. RKO and Columbia.

While our buildings are primarily used as storage facilities, workshops and houses, they have also been featured in several movies and television shows. SteelMaster’s structures have appeared in Forces of Nature, Family Guy, Expendables, Dodgeball, Valiant, Die Hard: With a Vengeance, The A-Team, Are We There Yet, and in the hit Netflix series Orange is the New Black.

SteelMaster’s metal Quonset huts are the perfect accessory for film sets, and not just because of their industrial aesthetic. They are cost-effective, which makes them easy to work in a movie budget. Plus, our buildings quick and easy to assemble, which means the cast and crew won’t have to wait long to start production. When filming is done, the steel building(s) can be easily taken down and moved to another location, or even used for equipment storage.

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