Stay on the Move with SteelMaster’s Portable Metal Garages

Portable Metal Garages:
Portable, Liftable Steel Garage Kits

Planning to move? Don’t leave your metal garage behind, take it with you! SteelMaster offers an amazing benefit that traditional wood structures don’t—portability.

Our portable metal garages can be easily assembled and disassembled, making them easy to transport from location to location when necessary. If you need more versatility on your job site, they are the perfect, money-saving option.

Normally, permanent buildings are grouted to the ground to give the arches even more strength. To make the building portable, SteelMaster offers a special plate that is bolted to the chosen foundation and then the arches are attached. If you plan to move the building, you can simply take the steel quonset and the special plate off of the foundation and move it to a different location. It’s just that simple.

SteelMaster offers a special alternate foundation plate that makes portability possible for customers who wish to take advantage of this unique benefit.

“I remain very impressed with the craftsmanship of my new SteelMaster building. I have already had many positive comments from family and friends on its appearance, portability, durability and versatility.” James Mullins
Madison, GA

Not only are these buildings easy to transport from place to place, they are also environmentally friendly, cost effective, and they offer 100% usable space inside.

Our garages are easy to move, and they are engineered to endure the wrath of mother nature. They can survive strong winds and heavy snow loads making them ideal for protecting your vehicles, boats or other valuable items.

SteelMaster’s garages don’t require beams or trusses, a feature that allows customers to store larger items and bulk storage more efficiently.

Our buildings come in several different models and shapes to fit your specific needs.

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