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Introducing the SteelMaster Resource Center

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We know that buying a steel structure that will last for a lifetime is a major decision.

In 2019, our team realized that we needed a section on our website that would provide customers with everything they need to know about steel buildings, from the planning phase to assembly. From there, we created the SteelMaster Resource Center.

The Resource Center has been months in the making, and we’re glad to finally present it to you!

In this section of our website, we cover what you need to know about making the choice to purchase a steel building and what you can expect.

Here’s a brief overview of our new informational material and what you can expect to learn.

Visit the SteelMaster Resource Center

Building Guide

Our building guide will teach you everything you need to know about purchasing a steel building. The section is divided up into five categories:

  • Engineering—Learn the engineering standards and code considerations for Quonset hut style steel buildings.
  • Construction— Review our guide and learn the steps needed to erect a prefabricated building kit.
  • Customization— Learn the many ways you can customize your metal building like size and shape or dig into the intricacies of choosing custom endwalls.
  • Shipping & Logistics— From the factory to your doorstep, we cover the logistics of getting a customized steel building delivered to you.
  • Factory & Manufacturing Learn how the manufacturer can affect the quality of the steel that is ultimately produced.

The SteelMaster Difference

Where you buy your building can matter just as much as the building itself. We review the reasons why you should choose SteelMaster for your building.

This section also covers the same five categories highlighted in the building guide:

  • Engineering— Learn how we use the strength of our engineering team to design and maximize your steel building to meet load and customization requirements.
  • Construction— Our buildings are designed to make the construction process fast and easy for almost any skill level.
  • Shipping & Logistics— Learn how our team has the experience and know-how to plan shipping logistics for our steel buildings to virtually any part of the world.
  • Customization—We highlight all the different customization options that our team of building specialists can help you select to create the metal building of your dreams.
  • Factory & Manufacturing–How about our state-of-the-art factory that uses the most advanced methods in steel production in the industry and why it matters for your steel building.

Product Guides

Download any of our 19 product guides for more in-depth information about our many Quonset hut applications, including:

  • Steel Buildings 101: A guide to your steel building project
  • Quonset huts
  • Garages
  • Sheds
  • Workshops
  • Container Covers