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SteelMaster Helps Customer Go ‘Green, Solar and Art Deco’

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side view of open ended q-model quonset hut under construction with ladder near front of building
Jay Cheek knows what he likes. He knows integrity, quality, service and flexibility when he sees it.

Jay’s work has led him inside and out of too many homes and businesses to count. He has several years of experience installing alarm systems, security electronic home/business gates and home automation devices. He has learned to discern the difference between what looks good but won’t stand the test of time and what looks good and is uncompromised in quality, too.

Jay served in the U.S. Marine Corps, so he has first-hand experience in dealing with the incredible strength and security of a Quonset HutTM.

He was also very impressed with SteelMaster’s website.

“To be completely honest with you, I did talk with three different companies prior to deciding to go with SteelMaster,” Jay says. “The SteelMaster website is incredible compared to others out there. It represents the company well when someone is dealing with an out-of-state business transaction.”

But it wasn’t just the website that drew Jay to SteelMaster.

“I feel like SteelMaster jumped through hoops to answer all of my questions and ultimately earn my business,” he says.

Jay has a home in Jackson, Mississippi, and is in the midst of both an intriguing and exciting project for ten acres he also owns in Ocala, Florida. To date, Jay has the foundation and the shell of his 25’ x 32’ SteelMaster completed.

“I’m going solar, green and art deco,” Jay says. “I have well water on the property. The end result I want to achieve is becoming entirely self-sufficient. And I will accomplish this using SteelMaster materials.”

SteelMaster Buildings Senior Design Specialist William Swafford was awarded the U.S. Green Building Council’s (USCGB) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Associate certification last May. LEED Associates are widely recognized as some of the most qualified, educated and influential green building professionals around the world.

“I anticipate some of William’s design influence could be beneficial for Mr. Cheek as he moves forward with his plans,” says Michelle Wickum, director of marketing at SteelMaster Buildings.

Jay is already planning on adding a second 20’ x 40’ SteelMaster within the next two years. When his “compound” is complete, he will have two SteelMaster buildings side by side complete with sunroofs, skylights and solar energy.

“SteelMaster is the only way for me,” Jay says. “I would highly recommend them to anyone. Their buildings are tough, yet easy to put together. I feel like their structures are a great value for the money. Plus, their team is great at jumping through those hoops!”