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Shades of Steel with Alabama Carport

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wide steel arch carport with white convertible underneathJack Hicks needed a carport—not just as a place to park his pickup truck where it was protected from the elements, but as a spot to entertain and grill while keeping himself and his party guests protected from dicey weather as well.

For Hicks, who is from Alabama, heavy duty construction and a pleasing aesthetic were key factors in his decision to build with steel. “I also liked the fact that the company I chose to work with uses a Galvalume Plus coating.”

The Galvalume Plus coating provides years of maintenance-free use, which means that Hicks won’t ever have to worry about treating, painting, or maintaining his metal carport.

The metal carport kit that he used is built to withstand a wide range of climate conditions through its unique clear-span, single radius, low-profile arched structure that is supported by a 14 gauge beams and posts system. This design provides security and durability against things like snow and hurricane force winds.

Hicks says it took him and three others only five hours to erect the metal carport, which saved him the expense of hiring someone to do it.

“Most of our customers assemble and raise the posts, beams, and panels to complete the construction of their metal carport kit without a contractor,” says Michelle Wickum, marketing director for SteelMaster Buildings, which sold Hicks his carport. “Each of our metal carports comes with an easy-to-read and detailed construction manual to aid our customers in construction, and a SteelMaster Building Specialist and our Customer Service Representatives are also available should they have any questions during any phase of the assembly process.”

The company’s metal carport kits range in sizes from 12 feet wide up to 20 feet wide and 18 feet to 40 feet in length. Height for the metal carport varies from 9 feet to 15 feet depending on the width and length of the selected carport. Customizable carports are also available.

“I’m very satisfied with the carport overall,” says Hicks. “The only change I would recommend is to make the carport about one foot longer. I have a full sized, extended cab pickup truck that is just short of being fully covered.”

Metal carports can be used for a variety of building applications including: Single Vehicle Coverage, Multiple Vehicle Covers, RV Storage, Heavy Equipment Covers, Farm Storage, Patio Covers, Bus Covers, Walkways, Animal Shelters, Boat Lift Covers, Car Wash Covers, Bus Stops and in Hicks’ case, a place to hold a great party.

– written by Brenda Welch
(Brenda is a freelance writer and editor living in Hampton Roads, VA)