a model quonset home, colored end walls, colored garage, front door, windows

Prefabricated Steel Workshops & Shop Buildings

Our steel workshops are the shop buildings of choice for all types of hobby enthusiasts and budding entrepreneurs, including woodworkers, metal shop owners and classic car professionals. The SteelMaster steel workshop is the perfect place to organize, store and protect your valuable tools and machinery as well as provide comfort, security and durability against fire, snow, and hurricane-force winds.  All SteelMaster metal workshops are custom engineered to meet the wind and snow loads for your location. This engineering, which is included in the price of your building, makes SteelMaster’s structures the strongest in the marketplace.

All of these steel workshops feature a clear span design that offers 100 percent usable space, providing you with the flexibility to truly customize the inside of your steel, auto or workshop with any necessary work benches or partitions. The clear span design also allows you to easily hang lighting, run conduit, build shelving, add a loft, insulate or heat and cool your building.

SteelMaster customer Vernon Blackadar’s steel shop building’s clear span design is perfect for safely protecting the various types of wood he uses for his woodworking business. Because the building does not have posts inside, he’s able to move around easily while he works.

The outside of SteelMaster’s workshops are customizable as well. Choose the model that best suits your needs and budget and select the style of endwall you prefer. You can choose steel endwalls for a consistent, industrial look or create custom endwalls so your workshop blends in seamlessly with the other buildings on your property or in your backyard.

Ralph, a SteelMaster customer from Indiana, uses his metal shop building to store his prized 150 Ford Deluxe from the World War II era. He chose a SteelMaster metal workshop because he liked the versatility the building offered. He also liked the idea of being able to add on to his building in the future. Ralph appreciated how easy it was to put the building together using the shop kit.

Whether you need a place to do some serious work or just need something for those weekend projects, our prefabricated workshops are the perfect solution. Contact us today to receive a free quote on the metal workshop of your dreams!


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