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Why Buy a Steel Building — or Two? One Customer Explains

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a-model quonset hut with tan vinyl siding and white garage door
Why buy a steel building? John will tell you why! John Taylor, owner of Taylor Well Systems in Chocowinity, North Carolina, was flipping through a Popular Mechanics magazine back in 1995 when he came across an advertisement for SteelMaster Buildings.

Since starting his company in 1994, he knew he would eventually need at least one, perhaps two new buildings. One would serve as a barn for his horses, and the other as a workshop and storage for the innumerable parts he was accumulating since opening his well, sprinkler and irrigation system business.

Although very impressed with the SteelMaster ad, he still wanted to compare the SteelMaster brand with others on the market. His business was beginning to really take off, and buying a couple of buildings would be a major investment for him.

“There were a few reasons other companies paled in comparison to SteelMaster,” John says. “The quality of the SteelMaster’s materials and their 50-year warranty immediately come to mind. Their sales staff was excellent to deal with. No one else I talked to could even come close to the deal I got on my two SteelMaster Buildings.”

Building a SteelMaster building from a custom-designed kit is a snap. Even though John’s primary expertise is in the well business, he had absolutely no trouble assembling his two buildings.

“The construction aspect of my buildings was not difficult at all,” John says. “My cement foundations were poured and I was ready to build when my kits were delivered.”

John is very proud of the outcome of both his buildings. He uses the larger of the two buildings for his workshop and business. He has added decorative touches here and there over the years, such as copper detailing.

“The copper really makes my workshop building stand out,” John says. “I have to add that my buildings still look incredible after 12 years of use.”

The building he uses for his horses has proved invaluable too. He likes knowing his horses are safe, comfortable and secure. He has plenty of unencumbered space in each building for much-needed storage due to SteelMaster’s arched roof design.

A SteelMaster building is easy to spot due to its unique shape. With lines similar to those of historic WWI Quonset Huts, SteelMaster’s corrugated arch steel buildings use 20th century technology and materials, as well as a unique outer coating called Galvalume Plus. SteelMaster’s structures stand tough through all types of climates and weather conditions. A SteelMaster Building is built to last and withstands rust, corrosion and fading.

John likes SteelMaster so much he became a Partner in Steel (PIS). With John’s buildings located directly across the street from the one another, curious onlookers have a good vantage point to hit the brakes to take a second look on their way through town. Chocowinity has an approximate population of 1,000, and is located only a couple of miles from Washington, North Carolina.

With over 30 years of experience and buildings on six continents, in 40 overseas countries and in every state in the United States, SteelMaster has just scratched the surface of the market, and is not going anywhere but up.

“SteelMaster is the unparalleled leader in the international steel marketplace because we do not sacrifice quality while marketing our competitively-priced structures,” says Michelle Wickum, director of marketing for SteelMaster.
Should you find yourself in Chocowinity in the market for a well, or sprinkler/irrigation system, John has years of expertise, works hard for his customers, and comes highly recommended.

Looks like SteelMaster and Taylor Well Systems have a lot in common.

–Tammy Kistler
Tammy is a freelance writer and resides in Hampton Roads, Virginia.