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SteelMaster’s Quonset Huts Go Hollywood!

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SteelMaster Buildings in Hollywood film strip

If you don’t already own a SteelMaster building, you don’t have to go far to see one. Just turn on your television and you’ll see our buildings in some of your favorite movies and shows.

Our buildings are primarily used as storage facilities, workshops, and houses, but they are also featured in a few of Hollywood’s hottest scenes.

You can catch a SteelMaster building in the fiery war scene of Pearl Harbor amid thick plumes of dark smoke and loud exploding bombs or as an animated shelter for the Little Einsteins Pat Pat Rocket.

A home called “The Eyebrow House,” because of its unique design, was featured in an episode of the sketch comedy Portlandia in which it blasted off to space!

SteelMaster’s structures have also appeared in Forces of Nature, Family Guy, Expendables, Dodgeball, Valiant, Die Hard: With a Vengeance, The A-Team, Are We There Yet, and in the last season of Orange is the New Black.

A SteelMaster Quonset HutTM not only appeared in the popular Disney animation Cars, a replica of that same building was constructed in the new Cars Land attraction in Disneyland.

There’s no limit to what a SteelMaster can do. Not only are our famous arches durable, affordable and easy to assemble, but they’ve proven to be glamorous enough to appear among the biggest stars.