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Monster Truck Franchise Continues Steel Building Tradition

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Grave Digger monster truck with steel building in background

For over three decades, the world-famous Grave Digger monster truck franchise has been defying gravity and wowing crowds all over the world.

Dennis Anderson drove the very first Grave Digger truck in the early 1980s, and it was constructed under the arches of a SteelMaster building. In 2013, that same truck was reconstructed again in a SteelMaster building.

screenshot of facebook post about grave digger monster truck

Now Dennis has passed the torch to his son, Adam Anderson, who drives his own Grave Digger truck.

Thousands of fans have the opportunity to get an up-close and personal view of this massive neon green and purple masterpiece every year in North Carolina. The Grave Digger Dungeon is located on U.S. Highway 58 in the Outer Banks, which is home to the Andersons’ two SteelMaster structures. These storage buildings have remained standing for years and even survived a tornado that touched down in the area.

Adam and 75 other amazing drivers work hard every day under the arches of their new 36’w x 60’l metal building. This is where they design and rebuild Grave Digger vehicles after they’ve survived countless performances.

Adam says building a SteelMaster was much easier than trying to reconstruct a Grave Digger truck after it’s been mangled following a show. He says it only took a crew three days to construct the building.

Someone even tried to offer Anderson a steel building, but he declined. He was not interested in any other steel building besides a SteelMaster.

“SteelMaster has the most cost-effective, durable and easiest to construct buildings on the market,” Adam says. “And I would know. When you buy a SteelMaster, you do not need to involve contractors like you do with so many of the other brands out there.”