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Man Rebuilds After Snow Load Destroys Previous Building

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Retired postal worker Bob Galven was in the market for a building after his wood-framed structure was destroyed under the weight of a late spring Oregon snow load. To prevent that from ever occurring again, Galven came to SteelMaster Buildings for help.

Bob needed a building that was big enough to store his truck and tractor, but one that could also hold his prized 63’ Thunderbird. He loves collecting and restoring classic cars.

“I’ll tell you the truth,” Bob says. “I shopped several companies when I was looking for my new storage building. It was Gordon Bingen that made the difference. Gordon is in the right business at the right company. He and I hit it off right away. Rich Merrill was very helpful, too.”

Bob decided to purchase a 30’ x 52’ building, which was more than enough space for everything.

Not only was Bob impressed with the usable space inside of his building, he also enjoyed the professional customer service, the building’s ability to handle the heaviest snow loads, and the fact that this was a structure he could actually put together on his own despite his disability.

Bob has one arm and did much of the work himself.

He worked hard to dig out the foundation and he started the process alone. Some days were tough for him, but whenever he needed help he just called Gordon or Rich and they were more than happy to help.

“They assured me I could and would complete my building,” Bob says. “They were with me by phone any time I had a question, concern or doubt.”

Although Bob was capable of doing most of the work, he hired someone to help him, and friends also pitched in to help finish the building.

By the time the last arch was set in place and bolted down, Bob was so proud of his new SteelMaster, he says he felt like someone who had scaled Mt. Everest.

“I’m very proud of the outcome,” Bob says.

Now he does not have to worry about carpenter ants, rodents, bats or heavy snow loads destroying his buildings or the precious items inside.