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Heavy Snow Loads Are No Match for a SteelMaster

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a model steel building with custom tan siding endwall with matching garage and walk thru brown doors in Pennsylvania

Heavy snow loads can be a major problem for some residents in Erie, Pennsylvania, but not for Beth Brojek and Eric Giser who own two SteelMaster buildings.

Beth and Eric are business owners and they needed two buildings to serve two different purposes. They wanted a building that could be used as a garage and for general storage, and they also wanted something that could store their camping equipment.

The couple found a SteelMaster structure in their area and loved the look of the building. That’s when they took the extra step to learn more about SteelMaster’s products.

Not only did they get the information they were looking for, they also received excellent customer service when they called SteelMaster for help.

“Our sales guy was great. He was very responsive,” Beth says. “Throughout the entire process, he was there for us.”

Here at SteelMaster, it’s not just about making a sale; we work very hard to build lasting relationships with our customers for a lifetime. After customers purchase a building, we are also available to walk them through the process after delivery and during the building phase.

After a little research, Beth and Eric purchased a 24’w x 30’l storage building as their garage and a 24’w x 24’l building for their campsite. They put up their garage and customized the front of it with a 20’ garage door and walk-in door.

Unfortunately, the blistering winter weather delayed their second project. They had to wait a few more months to erect the building they are now using on their campsite for storage.

SteelMaster’s buildings are strong enough to handle the heaviest snow loads and the strongest storms. They’re also leak-proof, which provides extra protection to all precious items stored inside when heavy snow loads start to melt.

These winning features were not the only deciding factors for Beth and Eric. SteelMaster’s unmatched warranty also provided this couple with another layer of protection after their purchase.

“Especially with SteelMaster having a 50-year warranty on the parts, it’s a win-win situation,” says Beth.