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Bird Father Turns Quonset Hut Into Parrot Safe Haven

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The arch is one of the most influential forms in architecture and has been used to create some spectacular designs. One of those designs is the new Kiki Parrot Pavilion.

The Berkshire Bird Paradise Sanctuary and Botanical Gardens in New York took the arch concept and turned it upside down, literally, when they added a unique feature to their SteelMaster building—a steel wing!

The new Kiki Parrot Pavilion is a place where rescued parrots can grow and fly freely. The exterior of the Quonset HutTM style building has a natural look and is accented with reversed arches that resemble a bird’s wing.


This state-of-the-art facility has climate and lighting controls, which helps volunteers keep the birds comfortable. The designers added live trees on the inside to add a natural touch to keep the birds happy as they recover from injuries.

The parrots are cared for in sectioned enclosures and they have a warm, pleasant place to live.

The Berkshire Bird Paradise Sanctuary and Botanical Gardens has been saving our feathered friends since 1972. As one of the biggest bird sanctuaries in the country, they have given shelter and comfort to more than 2,000 birds from 100 different species.

They’ve rescued several kinds of birds including a golden eagle that lost a wing after flying into a wind turbine, curious emus, owls, adorable grey parrot babies, chickens, and many more.

The bird father and owner of the sanctuary, Peter Debacher, started this as a labor of love and it turned into his lifelong mission.

“We’re all put into situations in our lives, following that little voice within,” says Debacher.

He started to rescue animals and people while serving in the U.S. Army. He says while serving in Panama, he felt sympathetic watching animals being mistreated and felt the need to do something about it.

He came back home and started to rescue birds as a hobby, and it eventually evolved into one of the biggest rescue facilities in the U.S.

Thanks to Debacher, thousands of birds will receive the love and care they need, and thanks to SteelMaster Buildings, they will have the perfect environment in which to thrive.