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Add a Wood Burning Stove to Your Steel Building

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Incorporate a Wood Burning Stove into Your Steel Structure

steel garage with white garage door, skylights and stove pipe sticking out of endwall

Get ready for a visit from Santa this year with a chimney for your SteelMaster building. Although steel buildings are designed to stay warm throughout the cold weather, a wood stove is a great way to add extra warmth.

There are several reasons to invest in a wood stove for your Quonset hut. If there’s a way to run a vent pipe outside of your Quonset hut, a wood stove can be installed almost anywhere.

Additionally, the radiant heat of a wood-burning stove can warm an area faster and more efficiently than warm air blown through a vent system. The heat from the stove will radiate from all sides of the unit and the top, which will send warmth in all directions.

Wood-burning stoves are also eco-friendly, especially compared to using fossil fuels for heat like natural gas, propane and coal. This is because wood is “carbon neutral,” meaning it doesn’t add additional carbon dioxide to the environment when it burns. Plus, wood is an inexpensive fuel source.

wood stove with fire burning in steel quonset hut

One of the biggest advantages of owning a wood-burning stove is that they are very dependable. If your area experiences frequent power outages, especially in the winter, your stove will still work. Some models even have stove tops to cook or warm your food.

Not only are wood stoves practical, but they can also complement your interior design. Modern wood-burning stoves come in different styles, sizes, and finishes to match your decor.