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A Farm Building Fit for a Bride

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night time wedding reception under steel Quonset Hut

Tommy Milling and James Ritter certainly found a way to make the most of their new SteelMaster purchase.

Milling and Ritter, a father and son-in-law duo, are business partners who run a cattle farm in Lusby, Maryland. They wanted a building that would decrease hay loss during the winter months and a place where their cattle could be fed. Their SteelMaster provided all the features they needed for the business and also doubled as a place to hold a wedding reception!

This was quite a wedding to remember. James and his wife Barbara exchanged vows under an oak tree on the property after their wedding guests were transported to the area via a flatbed truck full of hay.

Not far from the oak tree was the Ritter’s new 24’ x 36’ building. Guests walked into a beautifully decorated SteelMaster full of delicious food. After everyone enjoyed their meals, they danced the night away inside and outside of the building.

This SteelMaster provided the perfect place for this joyous occasion.

wedding reception under steel Quonset Hut

Milling and Ritter run a cow-calf operation as well as an HVAC, electrical, and remodeling business.

They came to SteelMaster looking for a building that they could put up on their own, one that was environmentally friendly and a structure that did not require extra upkeep and maintenance. They came to the perfect place!

Not only did this building fit all of their needs, but SteelMaster’s excellent customer service also helped make this process much easier for these business owners.

“The process of purchasing our SteelMaster 24’ x 36’ building and the follow-up care we received from SteelMaster was excellent. It only took me, my father-in-law, and a friend two weekends to construct the building. Based on our experience we would definitely use, as well as recommend, SteelMaster for any future projects.”