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Wonderful Workshop Testimonials

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collage of quonset hut workshop exterior and interior

Whether you need a place to do some serious work or just need a space for those weekend projects, a custom steel workshop could be just what you’re looking for! Hear what our customers have to say about their great experiences, then check out more information on our workshops.

Clifford in KY

“I purchased the building to build a workshop. My spouse liked the building also and wanted space for her playhouse. Now we both have our playhouses and the grandkids also love it.” – A Model 25’w x 40’l

Dexter in FL

“We purchased the building before we moved to our new (old) home. We needed storage and work space to restore our old house. It was originally a parsonage for the Methodist Church here in Live Oak, Florida. We hired a local man and our brother-in-law and put it up before starting work on the house. I put all the tools, etc. in it . . . Goes to show, no matter how big your shop, you’ll fill it up.” – A Model 25’w x 30’l

Fred in UT

“I assembled this 30′ x 30′ basically by myself. My two sons helped with the first two arches, but had to return to San Diego, which left me by myself. I could not put arches together on the ground and raise them as outlined, but rather I installed one piece at a time working by myself up and down scaffolding and on ladders. This took me about two weeks, but it sure is worth all the effort it took. I know that I have referred two customers who have bought and will continue to refer as interest is shown. Thanks for a great building at a reasonable price.” – A Model 30’w x 30’l

Cindy in ID

“I am a student in an Aramaic language class and we were studying the phrase ‘seek ye first the kingdom of heaven and all things shall be added unto you.’ The Middle Eastern language picture has the seeker line their ‘vision’ up with the starting place of the cosmos. So I did that. In my vision, before the earth was formed, before there were stars, before light separated from the darkness, there was a 20′ x 26′ SteelMaster Model A for a low, low price. After my meditation of my vision I went into the house, logged onto your website and there on the specials page was a 20′ x 26′ SteelMaster Model A for my price. So I called . . . ” – A Model 20’w x 26’l

Preston and Tina in MS

“I have a Balloon Decorating and Wedding Equipment Rental business, and desperately needed a place to store equipment, inflate balloons, and build balloon sculptures other than my living room, which became balloon world when I had a decorating job to do. Since I have my building now, I love to work in it, have plenty of room to inflate my balloons and build the sculptures that I need to do before arriving at a job. It has been so wonderful to have my building and I recommend that anyone that needs to have a shop or storage area, or somewhere to put their vehicle. It was so easy to set up my wife and I did it in two weeks in our spare time. I love my shop!” – A Model 30’w x 40’l

Ronald in NC

“Very soundproof. We live near some apartments, and have never had a complaint regarding machinery noise. We can heat and cool [the building] very economically. Neighbors are amazed at the room inside as compared to the visual size outside. Because of the self-supporting frames, post are not needed within the working area, making the workspace more flexible.” – A Model 20’w x 40’l

David in NC

“Following the sweat equity of almost single-handed installation, I am delighted with the aesthetic beauty and the overwhelming functionality of our building! I’m very happy with my very functional, single-handedly self-built building. Extremely weather-safe, easily heated and cooled. Looks very nice with custom front, access doors and 16′ powered roll-up door. Others would have to see it to believe it.” – S Model 40’w x 20’l

Timothy in FL

“As owner/builder, I built a steel framed home with detached garage on 12 acres. I wanted a strong small barn for a shop and agricultural equipment storage. Later, attached greenhouse/plant nursery to side of building. Found SteelMaster online. Very pleased with results.” – A Model 20’w x 26’l

Howard in MD

“After Hurricane Isabel destroyed my other buildings, the SteelMaster building was erected in a minimum of time. After the concrete slab was laid, my three sons and two son-in-laws and I put up the main shell in two and a half days and completed the ends of the building in two more days. Part of the building is used as a garage and the other half is use as a wood workshop that is heated and air-conditioned. I love my SteelMaster building, thanks SteelMaster.” – A Model 25’w x 44’l

Ricky in NC

“This building has been great for me. It was easy to assemble and is a very strong structure. It has been a pleasure doing business with you.” – A Model 30’w x 40’l

Donald in NC

“This is a welding shop with an upstairs insulated room and downstairs tool room, both 14’x 40′. The open shop area is 40’x 56′ with a 14’x 14′ overhead door. After the concrete was poured my wife, two boys, and myself had all the steel erected in less than two weeks. Keep in mind I work 2nd shift, 3:00 till 11:00, which slowed us down a lot. We did this without aid of any heavy equipment. The building went up with ease and all the holes matched and no leaks. We framed the front in and wrapped it with siding to match the house.” – S Model 40’w x 60’l