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SteelMaster Customer Praises Quick And Easy Assembly Of Garage

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Customers come to SteelMaster Buildings when they need a steel building for many reasons. For Miguel Jimenez, it was to build a garage for his company, RMJ Auto Detailing, in San Antonio, Texas.

“[I] just looked [SteelMaster] up, did some research and we were comfortable with their reviews and what they had to offer,” Miguel said.

The SteelMaster team worked with Miguel to determine what steel building would fit his needs. He decided to purchase a 600 square foot, 20 feet wide, 15 feet tall, and 30 feet long building to use as a workshop for his business.

One of the things Miguel loved the most during his experience was that the building came with all of the parts he needed to complete the project, minus tools and ladders.

“I talked to [SteelMaster] and placed the order, they delivered it and we got all of the pieces. It came complete with everything.”

Miguel enlisted the help of two businesses, Luke’s Concrete and T2 Welding, to get the job done. Four people from T2 were able to assemble the building in just three days, working from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Three people assembling a small Quonset garage on cement foundation.

“SteelMaster’s estimate was pretty much dead on,” said Miguel. “Very happy with the building, SteelMaster sent everything you needed to put it together. All the panels fit as advertised.”

Miguel says the team at T2 usually has to weld and cut materials for most of their projects, but not this time.  They never assembled a SteelMaster building before this project and were very impressed with how easily the building went together.

While some customers like Miguel enlist the help of professionals, you don’t have to be a construction expert to put together a SteelMaster Quonset garage. Customers have the option to build their own buildings, with items like our ready-to-assemble DIY garage kits.  Anyone at any skill level can put one together; if you can turn a wrench, chances are you can put the garage together.

Our durable steel Quonset HutTM structures are also some of the best above-ground storm shelters on the market, specifically designed with your safety in mind. Our structures have saved lives during extreme weather events like hurricanes, tornadoes and snowstorms.

Miguel’s building was put to the test just a few days after assembly when San Antonio was hit by a heavy rain storm.  He says the disaster resistant building weathered the storm just fine.

“We got some nasty rain two days after we finished it and no leaks. The building is solid. It’s not going anywhere,” said Miguel.

Miguel was also pleased with how quickly our team responded to his questions and concerns.

“They answer questions very quickly. Never had to wait more than half a day for a response over email.  Every time I called, they answered,” He said.

Whether you need a garage for a car workshop or just need to store items in bulk, SteelMaster has buildings for your every need! Our passion for our durable and versatile buildings is shared with thousands of satisfied customers like Miguel.