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Arkansas Woman Buys SteelMaster Garage to Surprise Husband

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interior of steel garage with two hot rod vintage cars

Purchasing a building can be a daunting process for any beginner, but SteelMaster’s professional sales representatives and outstanding customer service agents can certainly turn what looks like a terrifying process into a great experience.

One woman started out as an angry customer and went onto a review website to leave a negative comment, but after she learned a little more about her building, she was easily turned into a satisfied customer for life!

Tabitha Humphries of Little Rock, Arkansas may have easily earned the wife of the year award! She surprised her husband with a new SteelMaster garage where he could store his precious hot rods!

She admittedly started the process unaware of what to expect.

“I wanted to blame SteelMaster for what ended up being entirely my fault. I feel bad and I want to set the record straight here,” says Humphries. “I wanted to publicly apologize to them because they went out of their way to help me. There are good people there and I would recommend them to anyone.”

She explains how the building was not what she pictured when it arrived. “The sales guy was helpful, but to be honest, I don’t think I asked the right questions.”

She went on to take advantage of an online sale. She thought her husband would have been angry that she purchased the building, but this investment turned out to be a wise decision.

Her husband originally wanted a building that was more of a barn-style structure to store his vehicles, but the SteelMaster garage she purchased worked out perfectly. The only change she had to make to the order was the size of the building, since he wanted something much bigger!

“SteelMaster quickly fixed that and helped my husband get what he wanted,” explained Humphries.

Initially, she did not think her husband would have even been interested in purchasing a metal building, but now she says he loves it and is a happy camper.

“I was a little upset at first because my husband was not sure about it and never heard of the company,” explained Humphries. “He did not think it would go up as easily as it did. Boy was he happy.”

After what started to appear to be a negative experience quickly turned into a great working relationship between SteelMaster Buildings and the Humphries.

“The quality has been excellent, the fit has been dead on and the customer service has been outstanding,” Mrs. Humphries concluded.